Four decades after hitting the big screen and redefining the on-screen car chase, the Ford Mustang Bullitt returns to the streets in 2008, blending the best Mustang ever with the latest Ford Racing technology.

This modern classic delivers a balance of power and performance, thanks to special chassis and suspension tweaks as well as the 315 horsepower and 325 pound-feet of torque that Bullitt delivers through its 4.6-liter V-8 engine.

“The 2008 Mustang Bullitt embodies the true spirit of the 1968 movie car,” said Derrick Kuzak, group vice president, Global Product Development. “Like the original Bullitt, this car dials the driving dynamics up a notch for Mustang enthusiasts who love the performance, handling and the sweet sound of Ford power that only Mustang can deliver.”

2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt
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The 2008 Bullitt arrives in dealers early next year, with a starting MSRP of $31,075 (including destination and delivery) and limited production of 7,700 units for the U.S. and Canada.

The launch of the limited edition 2008 Mustang Bullitt coincides with the 40th anniversary of the release of the Warner pos. Pictures film that gave the original car its name. In the movie, legendary actor Steve McQueen drove a Dark Highland Green 1968 Mustang GT that gained cult status among Mustang enthusiasts, thanks to a seven-minute scene that film and car buffs believe defined the modern movie car chase.

Bullitt Chassis Delivers a Balance of Performance and Comfort

Ford engineers modified the 2008 Mustang Bullitt’s chassis and suspension to fine-tune handling and ensure the extra horsepower and torque from the 4.6-liter V-8 is put to good use. The

live rear axle uses a unique 3.73:1 gear that helps launch the Bullitt with vigor.

Stock Mustang GT shocks and struts were swapped out for new units that allowed engineers to dial in a more aggressive driving dynamic while still maintaining the outstanding ride and balance of the base Mustang GT. A tower-to-tower pace designed specifically for the Bullitt lends additional torsional and lateral stiffness to the chassis for improved cornering and holds a unique serial number for each Bullitt.

2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt
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“The 2008 Mustang Bullitt delivers balanced performance,” said Paul Randle, chief engineer. “Comfort is not compromised for performance. Performance is on demand. You can easily take Bullitt from the track to the street and back onto the track with confidence.”

The pakes also have been improved versus the base Mustang GT’s. More aggressive front pads were developed specifically for Bullitt and improve fade resistance and pedal feel.

The 2008 Mustang Bullitt wears unique cast-aluminum Euroflange wheels, offering a modern twist on the original movie car. The Dark Argent Gray spokes feature a satin finish, while a pight-machined lip completes the look. Calipers are colored to match the wheel. The wheels are wrapped in the same P235/50ZR 18 BF Goodrich g-Force T/A KDWS tires used on Mustangs at the Ford Racing High Performance Driving School at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah.

Powered by Ford Racing

Bullitt packs firepower under the hood. The 4.6-liter, 3-valve V-8 delivers 315 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 325 pound-feet of torque at 4,250 rpm.

2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt
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Engine calipation is designed to increase throttle response for a snappier acceleration feel. The redline has been boosted by 250 rpm to 6,500, with top-end speed bumped to 151 miles-per-hour. Gears are selected via a Tremac 5-speed manual transmission, and the shifter is topped with a polished aluminum shift ball designed specifically for the 2008 Bullitt.

The car features the first use of an open-element air filter in a factory-produced, fuel-injected Mustang. Inspired by Ford Racing, the intake is tucked neatly behind the driver side headlamp, mounted in an air box that was tooled up specifically for the Mustang. The hood liner was extensively modified to provide a full seal to the air box, ensuring that the engine is fed a steady diet of cooler air.

“Colder air reduces intake losses,” said Randle. “The new cold-air intake has shown a reduction in rise over ambient temperature from 50 degrees down to 17 degrees Fahrenheit. That equates to more horsepower and more torque in all driving conditions.”

Engine performance is further enhanced through the use of an innovative adaptive spark ignition system, new for the 2008 Mustang.

2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt
- image 211583

The system can sense, within a few seconds, what type of fuel is being injected into the motor and adjusts the spark to provide maximum torque at any given speed – and as much as

10 pounds-feet more between 1,000 and 4,000 rpm.

Bullitt can run on either premium or regular fuel. Ford recommends premium fuel for optimum performance, but the adaptive spark ignition will adjust the spark to burn regular fuel without damaging the engine.

“With all the improvements we’ve made to the engine and the taller 3.73-to-1 rear gear, the Bullitt will plant you firmly in the driver’s seat when you stand on the throttle. We’ve seen zero to 60 times drop by up to three tenths of a second,” said Randle. “There’s also plenty of power on tap at any speed. The car definitely feels lighter on its feet, and it is.”

The custom-designed exhaust system continues Mustang’s traditional use of a true dual-exhaust system with a new H-pipe specifically developed for Bullitt. The all-new mufflers, featuring larger 3.5-inch chrome tips (versus the 3-inch tips on the standard Mustang GT) are tuned to minimize backpressure, maximize horsepower and provide the Bullitt with its powerful exhaust note.

2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt
- image 211596

“We wanted to get the exhaust note as close to the original movie car as possible, so we based it on a digitally mastered DVD,” said Randle. “We wanted something that would rumble your heart, literally buzz you – and the Bullitt team delivered.”

Capturing the Bullitt’s Undercover Look

The original 1968 Mustang’s stealth-like appearance wasn’t necessarily intentional. In typical Hollywood fashion, the movie crew removed all exterior badges and logos from the car – including the iconic pony badge on the grille.

The 2008 Mustang Bullitt calls back the original movie car in painstaking detail – right down to the dark green paint and lack of exterior badges, scoops and spoilers.

The only visible identification is the word “Bullitt” dropped into a gun-sight graphic in the center of the faux gas cap on the decklid.

“The 2008 Mustang Bullitt, like the movie car, is a wolf in sheep’s clothing,” said Doug Gaffka, chief designer. “Mustang is – and always has been – such an icon that it’s recognizable without the badges. But Bullitt’s clean exterior doesn’t give away the Ford Racing-inspired power and performance lurking under its skin.”

2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt
- image 211587

The new Bullitt wears a close match to the movie car’s 1968 Highland Green paint, officially called Dark Highland Green. This distinctive color has only graced one other Mustang, the 2001 Mustang Bullitt. Gaffka assures Bullitt enthusiasts that the color will remain an exclusive Mustang Bullitt color. Non-purists can opt for only one other color – black.

The Mustang Bullitt uses the standard Mustang GT’s front fascia. A new black-mesh grille is devoid of the standard chrome pony and is accented by a satin aluminum strip that represents the chrome grille surround on the 1968 car. The rear fascia also is shared with the standard Mustang GT and houses Bullitt’s unique dual exhaust tips. Dark Argent Gray painted pake calipers closely match the wheel spokes, while staying true to the original.

Bullitt Interior Delivers Comfort with a Purpose

The interior is pure Mustang Bullitt, understated and dressed in Charcoal Black leather and Satin metallic trim. The centerpiece of the interior is the hand-machined, aluminum swirl dash panel appliqué.

“The machined appliqué differentiates the Bullitt from any other Mustang in the line-up,” said Gaffka. “It’s also perfect for the Bullitt. The graphic presentation pings back the feel of the ‘60s while still staying true to the Mustang’s modern interior design.”

2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt
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Satin aluminum bezels circle the air vents and gauges, complementing a satin aluminum shift ball that replaces the standard leather-wrapped shifter on the Mustang GT. The pedals wear race-inspired aluminum covers that further reinforce Bullitt’s performance intentions.

The interior is graphically clean. The only identifying marks visible inside Bullitt are the logo and gun-sight graphic mounted in the center of the leather-wrapped steering wheel and the word “Bullitt” embossed into the metal sill plates.

The Dark Charcoal leather seats pick up the diamond perforation inserts from the base Mustang GT. The seats are patterned after those in the Shelby GT500 providing added lumbar and bolster support. The seats are constructed using the new soy-based foam developed by Ford and introduced on the 2008 Mustang. The soy foam, made up of 24 percent renewable content, is produced through a process that requires less energy and emits less CO2.

Bullitt Pushes Beyond

The Bullitt package enhances the Mustang GT Premium package with the following:

  • 3.73:1 Limited Slip Rear Axle
  • Ford Racing Power Pack (cold air induction system)
  • High Performance Calipation
  • Performance Friction Carbon Metallic® front pake pads
  • Ford Racing Strut Tower pace
  • Sport –tuned suspension (shocks/springs/stabilizer bar)
  • Modified “H” Pipe
  • Dark Grey pake Calipers
  • 18-inch Euro-Flange Bullitt Wheels with Charcoal Satin Finish
  • 3.5-inch Packed Exhaust Tips
  • Distinct Upper Grille
  • Bullitt emblem on faux fuel cap
  • Black interior with upgraded steering wheel
  • Charcoal Black sport leather seats
  • Unique IP finish (hand-machined aluminum swirl)
  • Satin Aluminum interior accents (ball shifter/sill plate/pedal covers)
2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt
- image 211582

Standard content also includes:

  • 4.6-liter 3-valve V-8 engine
  • 5-speed manual transmission
  • Auxiliary audio input jack
  • One-touch up-down power windows
  • Power mirrors and door locks
  • Keyless entry
  • Air conditioning
  • Tilt steering wheel
  • Speed control
  • Rear window defroster
  • Four-wheel power disc pakes
  • Anti-lock paking System (ABS) with Traction Control
  • Seat-mounted side air bags
  • Personal Safety System®
  • SecuriLock®
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System
  • Shaker 500 Audio System with six-disc CD player, MP3 and eight speakers
2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt
- image 211593

Available options include:

  • HID headlamps
  • Shaker 1000 Audio System six-disc CD player, MP3 and 10 speakers
  • SIRIUS satellite radio
  • Ambient Lighting
  • Active Anti-Theft System
  • Wheel locking kits

The 2008 Mustang Bullitt will be built at Ford’s Automotive Alliance Plant in Flat Rock, Mich. It goes on sale early next year.

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  (233) posted on 05.2.2008

well like a said the smaller engine is nice on gas mileage and the performance isn’t a problem either... its just preference... i wouldn’t want a v-8 as a daily driver either but they are fun to spin the tires on every once in awhile.

like you said the v-8 is nice on a drag strip but thats about it. i’m just saying thats how they fit the displacement under the hood of those cars... is by increasing the cylinders

but preferably i’d take a 4 cylinder or 6 with a turbo that will keep up with a v-8. handle better. and keep the gas mileage above 20 miles to the gallon

with gas prices over $3.50 a gallon smaller turbo engines is the way to go.

the v-8’s just nice for burning some tires every once in awhile

  (1022) posted on 05.1.2008

What I wanna know is why you would want a high displacement gas guzzling car when you can get the same performance from a 2L car with a smaller hp rating but better handling and performance? (Lets face it, the Japanese are the only ones providing us with high hp outputs in small displacement engines) I suppose it comes down to taste. For proper drags I can understand but for street races or the 1/4 mile on private roads I’d be more than willing to put my 310hp WRX against a V8 delivering 380hp.
And you can get 1000plus hp from a 6L V8, but that would be with superchargers and all that. But you can also get the same hp from an inline six of a Skyline or a Supra on 2, 2.5L engines. These cars can handle more than 600hp without any internal engine modifications.

Like I said it comes down to taste but I can’t ever imagine myself driving a V8, except maybe the GT500KR but that is only because I like the shape. Given the option I would probably install the V6 from the new GT-R. Less hp but better performance, better gas mileage and the satisfaction of knowing that I’am enjoying myself without being totally inconsiderate about the enviroment.

  (233) posted on 05.1.2008

one problem with that argument is come up with a 6 liter 4 cylinder... point and fact is that it wont fit in a car... the reason for more cylinders is so the added displacement will actually fit under the hood. you cant very well fit a engine with 2 liter cylinders under the hood of a normal car..

but besides all that the evo is a very well engineered car

  (1022) posted on 04.20.2008

Get a load of this guy.Genius, who said anything about racing.You are the one who came up with the whole" your four cylinders can produce 160hp by themselves".

Heres an idea, why don’t you people come up with a 2L V8 and race it against a 2L EVO. Even with your V8, your engineers will only be able to produce about 120hp. The only reason you get high hp is with massive displacements.

Please come up with a decent arguement.

  (233) posted on 04.1.2008

well the s2000 may have more hp per liter but point and fact... it is slower than a mustang GT... and more expensive... so yea you could say that it may have more hp per liter but its still more expensive and slower than a mustang GT and thats not even that respectable of a muscle the end a v-8 with no add ons and a 4 cylinder with no add ons the v-8 wins... yes you can put turbos and such and make your 4 cylinder faster but you can do the same thing on a v-8. dont compare a tuned 4 cylinder to a stock v-8 that makes you look stupid. if you can tune a 4 banger then we can tune a v-8 and then we’ll see who’s faster...simply put tune both cars the same a car with more cylinders and starting hp is gonna win hands down.

  (5990) posted on 03.31.2008

Your four cylinders by themselves can produce 160 hp? jtm please shove your comments up your rear end. The Japanese S2000 has the highest hp/ Litre of any naturally aspirated engine at 124hp/L and it is a four cylinder. Imagine what the Japanese engineers can achieve with a V8 that is naturally aspirated.

I am certain that you don’t even own a car nor can you afford one. You don’t even own a four cylinder and you are bragging about V8s? The only person who will pay any attention to you is someone as retarded as you. I dont usually write comments but you are just so full of it.

The ak fellow Screwed you about your supercharger charger bit and you went on to say he didnt own a performance car. Then you said he had a four banger Civic.And this coming from someone who doesn’t even own a car? DUMBASS, the Civic is one of the most popular street cars out there and the best selling hatch in UK.

But... the main reason I came to this site is to say that the Bullit has a nice shape.

  (5990) posted on 03.25.2008

Its ok for you f**kheads to insult Jap cars but not for us to insult yours?

  (5990) posted on 03.25.2008

wow, jtm got screwed and didnt have the balls to write his names after the comment.

  (5990) posted on 03.25.2008

Why is it when a new muscle car is build like this Bullitt Mustang guys who drive jap cars make coments saying their jap cars are better and faster so what if they are just because you drive a Turbo Jap car does not make you a king of all cars grow up idiots.

  (5990) posted on 03.25.2008

limp wristed paper pushing punk with two inch p****e.

nice one AK.

  (5990) posted on 03.25.2008

jtm0711 only you can come up with something that dumb. AK believes that four cylinders can smoke v8s so why on earth would he bring one of the greatest critically acclaimed cars and compare it with v8s. If four cylinders can beat v8s, do you really think the inline six of a skyline will have any problem?

You got screwed on the Camaro page and now on this one. You are just someone who doesn’t know when he has lost and resorts to idiotic comments( not surprising coming from you).

Unlike you I find it easy to believe that AK has a good car because he is the only one capable of legible comments on this site. You, Iam not even sure you have a bicycle, let alone a car.


  (5990) posted on 03.25.2008

Granite Man, The second time I came to this page was to compliment the shape of the car above but never got the chance. If you read all the comments, you will probably see why.

  (5990) posted on 03.25.2008

jtm0711, you are probably some limp wristed paper pushing punk who feels the need to drive cars with big engines because you think it will make up for your two inch pen*ce.

As for me not owning a car, I support Japanese cars, not just "four bangers".If you had more sense you would have seen that.But you know what, nice comment though- at least you didn’t play your supercharger card. That was getting boring.

And thank you for at least admitting that skylines are performance cars.

  (5990) posted on 03.25.2008

AK i highly doubt you drive a skyline or any car even near that performance level... seeing how you defend the 4 bangers so much i’d be willing to bet you drive a honda civic or some other rice burner of the sort... why would you defend 4 bangers if you’re driving a inline 6 skyline..

  (5990) posted on 03.25.2008

You guys sound like a bunch of squabbling little boys. Both countrys make great cars, and its all a matter of taste. So praise each other for loving cars, compliment the other guy’s car, even though you wouldn’t drive it, and be happy with your own. Any guy that is into cars, should respect the other guy’s wheels, out of "professional" common courtesy.
It’s one thing to have a little friendly rivalry, buts its another thing to be whining little babies. Cut the crap and grow up.

  (5990) posted on 03.12.2008

Yet another contender for the king of idiots. Mate, how long it it take for you to write the four line sentence? Let me guess(hmm) half an hour with a dictionary beside you(probably more). When you addressed me as AK you should have put a (,) after it. Have you ever written a letter before? As for my poor spelling, the only thing wrong with my last comment was the site removing the bad words and me forgetting to put o in horsepower. I wasn’t aware that you needed correct spelling for a car site but thanks for pointing it out anyway. You were smart enough to see that the comments made by others were flawless.
And Sherlock, If I really was that young I wouldn’t have had a license ; in other words I wouldn’t have a car.
And GEE! you were absolutely right(that was irony by the way). I don’t have much of a car. I mean, all I really have is a R33 Skyline G-TR with a DOHC, 24-valve turbocharged and intercooled straight six with a single turbo conversion currently delivering 567hp at all wheels.
As for me not being much of a driver, ever tried driving a 423kW car?
It’s cars not car B**ch! I own more than one car.
Finally, speaking of Proms, I highly doubt you had a date. You see, you have crappy wit.

  (5990) posted on 03.12.2008


You’re too full of yourself to have much of a car, or be much of a driver. I assume you are very young since your spelling is so poor.

Oh well, everyone is entitled to an opinion. Enjoy whatever you are driving and have fun at the Prom.

  (5990) posted on 03.11.2008

jtm0711, you can’t be that big an idiot if you can’t understand the reason for turbos(or maybe you are). And please do your research, a turbo is a forced induction compressor powered by heat from the exhaust gases which increases the pressure at the point where air is entering the cylinder increasing the power and torque output of the engine and also leading to greater fuel efficiency(meaning that the enviroment doesn’t get screwed). This is another piece of brilliance on the part of the japanese making their four cylinders smoke your ty V8’s and V10’s. The amount of horsepwer a car has doesn’t always matter.And cars like the Evo can handle as much as a thousand horsepower with their 2 litre engine. There is a second generation evo out there with this much power, lets see a American car get that.
P.S YOU ing imbecile! The SUPERCHARGERS that you talk of installing in your muscle cars HAS THE SAME ING FUNCTION AS A TURBOCHARGER. Calling you a would be an insult to the men. Unfortunately for you, even with your supercharged V8’s, you can’t touch japanese cars.

  (5990) posted on 03.7.2008

Skyking, you can’t afford the cars I drive. Trust me on this one.
Whats wrong with turbo cars?- just because you idiots can’t make them.
Its a good car in every aspect, not respect.Seriously instead of argueing with me you should brush up on your english.

  (5990) posted on 03.7.2008

Gee I wonder what mundane car ak47 drives? I just picked up my Bullitt Mustang and it is incredible! Nothing but compliments from all who see it and it sounds and drives as advertised. It is a seriously fun car in every respect.

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