Creations n’ Chrome’s Pony Girl 2011 Ford Mustang caught some eyes at SEMA not because it was dressed up in a nice pink and white combination, but more so because of what the pink represents.

Creations n’ Chrome decided to give it that specific paint finish in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a sign that even the truest of pistonheads still understand the importance of raising awareness to fight this deadly disease.

Colored tributes aside, the Pony Girl 2011 Ford Mustang was built by Creations n’ Chrome by using a convertible 2011 Ford Mustang GT as its base platform while adding a number of aesthetic and performance upgrades that has turned this particular Mustang into more than just pink muscle.

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As we’ve already mentioned, Creations n’ Chrome didn’t give this tuned-up Mustang its pink color to impress Barbie. There’s a far more important and noble reason why this Mustang is dressed up in pink: raising the profile of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Aside from the pink exterior paint, Creations n’ Chrome also gave the Mustang a number of new styling features, including a styling kit from 3D Carbon Boy Racer, a set of HRE 20-inch wheels and tires, and a white-on-white leather interior courtesy of Ultrafabrics Ultraleather.

Styling, aside from the bright pink paint, comes from a 3dCarbon Boy Racer styling kit, HRE 20x9.5 wheels and tires, and a custom interior done in white-on-white Ultrafabrics Ultraleather.


Using a 2011 Mustang GT Convertible as its platform, Creations n’ Chrome gave the muscle car a pretty remarkable upgrade in the form of a Vortech V-3 Si-trim supercharger, a Nitrous Express nozzle system for shooting NO2 into the intake, a SAFE stand-alone fuel enrichment system, a Corsa performance exhaust, an Optima RedTop battery, a set of KW Variant 1 coil-overs, and a set of Wilwood W6A and W4A big brakes on the front and rear, respectively.


Ford rolled out nine customized Mustangs in SEMA so simply from its house, this Mustang already has its share of competition. Add that to the tuned-up Camaros of the world and it’s safe to say that Creations N’ Chrome has a number of competitors to make this a custom-tuned muscle car battle royale.


The car is merely a concept so we don’t have word on how much one’s going to cost.

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Good news for Europeans, but... if Nissan can revamp its factory in Smyrna, Tennessee, to build the Leaf, why can’t Mitsubishi do the same to produce the i-MiEV at its plant in Normal, Illinois? My guess is that there are a lot of currently unemployed auto workers in this country who would gladly occupy those assembly lines.

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