The 5.0-Liter-V8 engine found in the 2011 Ford Mustang is nothing to shake your head at, especially with its 412hp and 390 ft.-lb. of torque. However, GeigerCars have taken that excellent starting point and sent it on its way to a bigger and better finish. The German tuner has prepared a supercharged package for the 2011 Mustang that will increase the car’s output to a total of 497 HP.

This 85hp boost was accomplished by adding a screw condenser with a volume of 2.3 liters that offers a boost pressure of 0.5 bar. Other technical improvements were also made that lead the Mustang to 497 HP available at 6,400 rpm and 634 NM of torque at 4,200 rpm. The factory installed electronic top speed limiter has also been removed so this muscle car can now hit a top speed of 170mph.

The 2011 Ford Mustang’s handling has also been improved with the addition of a modified suspension, a set of OZ Ultraleggera lightweight alloy rims (8.5x20 inch size for the front axle and 10x20 inch size for the rear), and a sport chassis.

Press release after the jump.

Press release

Supercharged! Ford Mustang 2011 with compressor power 

In early summer of this year – and therefore just in time for the introduction of the trendy Pony Car on its home market - presented the first vehicles of the 2011 Ford Mustang generation in the Munich showroom as well.

The Bavarian US car specialists now react by taking their own tuning version of the V8 coupé to the start. It was refined both regarding looks and performance.

2011 Ford Mustang Compressor by GeigerCars High Resolution Exterior
- image 378360 brings the 5.0-Liter-V8 a step forward by adapting the compressor. A screw condenser for a volume of 2.3 litres puts an over-pressure of 0.5 bar on this wild horse’s eight combustion chambers. In connection with other technical improvements, this conversion leads to a performance increase from once 412 to now 497 HP available at 6,400 rpm. 4,200 rotations already lead to a torque of 634 Newton metres (series 529 Nm at 4,250 rpm). With this performance upgrade, removes the Mustang’s factory-set Vmax lock. It now has a maximum speed of 274 km/h after an acceleration orgy through the six levels of its automatic gear. 

For best driving dynamics, gave the US-Boy both a sports chassis and extremely light OZ Ultraleggera light-metal wheel rims at a size of 8.5x20 and 10x20 inches. While 245/35R20 high-performance tires indicate direction, the drive axle uses 285/30R20 rubber tires to dig into the asphalt. 

The Prices

  • Basis vehicle: 42,900 Euro
  • Performance increase: 12,990 Euro
  • Set of wheels: 5,190 Euro
  • Sports chassis: 1,899 Euro
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  (342) posted on 08.17.2011

hmm. I guess there’s anymore reason on why Ford should kill the production of Mustang. The figure performance of this vehicle has got even better!

  (517) posted on 08.17.2011

Well, it’s a good thing that they have increased the speed performance of the car. And If not mistaken there’s a newer version of the vehicle for 2015.

  (447) posted on 08.8.2011

I agree that they have boost the speed performance of the car. I think this is the most beautiful and aggressive tuned up version for the Ford Mustang.

  (692) posted on 08.8.2011

Wow! I like the clean styling of this car! I think the face of the Mustang have change a bit. I think that GeigerCars have made an awesome modification in the exterior of the car! BTW, I was impressed as well with the boost in the power performance of the car.

  (399) posted on 07.18.2011

Who said that this production needs to be killed. I guess whoever, said that definitely thinks twice before saying so. The power output of the car is quite amazing.

  (434) posted on 07.18.2011

I do love the styling of the Mustang for it has an impressive performance and design. I was impressed with the styling and power output of the car for over the years the Ford still offer us something new.

  (1332) posted on 06.8.2011

Well, I guess that’s the good thing about Mustang, although its already iconic but still it manage to offer us something new! I have to admit that its quite unbelievable for a muscle car to boost up to its current speed.

  (553) posted on 06.8.2011

hmm. I don’t think that a white job looks good in a muscle car!However, talking about the speed performance of this car. I have to admit that I’m quite impressed on this figured though I doubt its performance in the corner.

  (473) posted on 06.1.2011

Actually, it clearly explains here in this thread. You should read it again. However, with its new concept I’ve been wondering if other versions would be doing the same too?

  (714) posted on 12.6.2010

Despite that, it’s a great car, and it’d be my choice out of the three reborn pony cars. I’d have to look at the Genesis Coupe but I much prefer the Mustang’s style.

  (780) posted on 11.25.2010

As I recall, the term "pony car" came as a result of the Mustang. A Mustang horse is a small but hardy breed, much like the car. Pony cars were small
but powerful cars.

  (247) posted on 11.2.2010

This is what the GT500 should have been. Well, get rid of the ugly paint, pointless interior trim (seats can stay) and the body kit.
I wonder how much it weighs compared to the GT500.

  (676) posted on 10.22.2010

i have heard that V8 engine is much powerful.

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