Shelby American is bringing pure, unadulterated power to the already exquisite 2011 Ford Shelby GT500 (2010 model year pictured) with their new Super Snake package, but before you get all excited you better wait and hear a little about the price you’ll have to pay for this sort of Shelby power and exclusivity. The Super Snake package will only be available to 1,000 customers, and at a price of $30,245. Don’t think the price is all that bad? Well then you probably think it also includes the car, but you’d be wrong.

We aren’t going to lie. If we had the kind of money it would take to add dynamic adjustable dampers, lowering springs, tuned stabilizer bars, and front strut tower brace, as well as some crazy horsepower, we would spend it in a second. Unfortunately we don’t, so we’ll have to leave the three different stages of engine upgrades to the folks who will be driving one of our dream cars. In stage one the engine will get a Shelby/Ford Racing supercharger that will allow the engine to produce a total of 660 HP. Opt for stage two and you’ll get a Shelby/Ford Racing or Shelby/Kenne Bell supercharger kit producing 750 HP and, stage three gets a Shelby/Kenne Bell that increases the output to 800 HP.

For the exterior the package adds a unique fiberglass hood featuring classic Shelby design and pins, Shelby signature Super Snake stripes in either matte black or matte white, and “Shelby” lettering across the rear deck lid. The interior gets a two tone leather interior and Shelby signature embroidered headrests, floor mats, and other Shelby designed components.

Press release after the jump.

Press release

Shelby American, a wholly owned subsidiary of Carroll Shelby International Inc. (CSBI:PK), will offer a Super Snake post title package for the 2011 Ford Shelby GT500 with new styling cues and an optional 800 horsepower tuned engine. Only 1,000 total Super Snake packages for the 2011 model year car will be built at the Shelby American facility in Las Vegas or one of the official Shelby Mod Shops, beginning in September of this year.

“Ford Motor Company did a marvelous job making the 2011 model year GT500 lighter and more powerful,” said John Luft, president of Shelby American. “Our team applied its experience building Super Snakes over the past several years to offer a package that dramatically increases the new car’s capabilities. And with the visual changes we’ve made, it will be a definite stand out on the road or track.”

Just like the 2011 Shelby GT350, born on the proving grounds of the drag strip and road course at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Shelby American worked with companies like Ford Racing to create an even more aggressive suspension and engine package for the 2011 Super Snake.

“We extensively tested our mods for the 2011 model car before we decided the package was ready for the public,” added Gary Davis, vice president of production and R&D at Shelby American. “For those who want more performance than the stock GT500 offers, the Super Snake will definitely meet their expectations.”

For the 2011 model year, more power, a new anthracite wheel, white stripes and new side scoops are optional.

“We’ve only offered black stripes and chrome wheels on the Super Snake since we introduced the package a couple of years ago,” added Davis. “With the serious advancements made to the 2011 model year, it was time to differentiate it from the previous generation car. So we added an 800 horsepower tune, optional wheel, side scoop and stripes to make it easy to spot the new Shelby Super Snake.”

The 2011 Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake post title package includes:

  • Ford Racing handling pack including dynamic adjustable dampers, lowering springs, tuned stabilizer bars, and front strut tower brace
  • 6-speed manual transmission with 3.73:1 rear axle ratio
  • Shelby/Ford Racing supercharger upgrade producing over 660 HP and 590 ft.-lbs. of torque
  • Either a Shelby/Ford Racing or Shelby/Kenne Bell supercharger kit producing 750 HP with upgraded drive shaft, billet twin 75mm throttle body and exclusive badges
  • Optional Shelby/Kenne Bell 800 horsepower tune on pump gas
  • Borla exhaust system
  • An optional Shelby / Eibach handling pack is also available
  • Shelby-designed Alcoa 20-inch wheels in durabright or anthracite
  • Short-throw shifter
  • Forged Shelby / Baer brakes with 6 piston calipers and cross drilled / vented rotors
  • Front brake cooling ducts and behind the door side scoops
  • Unique fiberglass hood featuring classic Shelby design and pins
  • Shelby signature Super Snake stripes in either matte black or matte white
  • “Shelby” lettering across the rear deck lid
  • “Super Snake” vehicle badges and official Shelby CSM interior plate
  • Optional two tone leather interior
  • Shelby signature embroidered headrests, floor mats and other Shelby designed components

The price of the 750 HP package is $30,245 including installation but not the car. Each vehicle will be listed in the official Shelby registry. Complete Super Snake packages will only be available through Shelby American and its mod shops.

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  (429) posted on 07.22.2011

I’m just wondering why is it named a Super Snake, though I don’t see any connection with that. Is it because of the speed? That is a different thing I think. However, the performance is quite impressive.

  (205) posted on 03.31.2011

Well,I have to doubt if this car has a powerful engine since it’s a muscle car and its kind of heavy. And the long time problem with muscle car is that they have a problem on the corner. 

  (341) posted on 11.22.2010

I currently have a DB9, Lamborghini Gallardo, and a Maserati Granturismo...These are fast enough on the street, actually I enjoyed a previous base 9ll as you could go through a few gears before 100mph vs 2 gears.

  (344) posted on 10.5.2010

I’m seriously starting to wonder how they keep upping the anti with the Mustang. It’s so powerful now that you can run it against some Italian Exotics

  (619) posted on 09.21.2010

800 HP.i bet same time next year this car will join Bugatti Veyron in 1000 HP club.

  (1211) posted on 09.19.2010

Well it’s big compared to what though? A lotus? A Miata? A civic SI? Of course it is it’s a different kind of car.

  (745) posted on 09.15.2010

Great features. That must be very fast. Its features justifies for its very expensive price.

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