Hennessey was the first tuner to offer an update package for the Ford Mustang Boss 302. However, at the upcoming SEMA show we will see lots of packages based on it for sure. And the first to announce its presence was Katzkin Leather. As the company’s name suggest their package will mostly focus on improving the car’s interior but we expect a few changes on the exterior also.

Katzkin offers three very different approaches to individual interior design ranging from premium and custom levels on up to a limited package which provides the definitive statement in automotive interior design, offering not only the best materials, but adding more detail and bolder, more expressive elements. Limited Edition designs can include different materials and colors, embossing and textures, grains and effects through state of the art digital technologies that are then applied to the Katzkin handcrafted process.

While we have no other details on the final product, we have to admit that the teaser image makes us dream!


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  (570) posted on 10.19.2011

It sounds great! Well, I must say that I feel so excited with this first tuner of an update packaged of their Mustang that they were offering, and I would really dream, on what will be the final outlook of this one. smiley

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