Seriously, the name of this vehicle alone begins to send chills up and down our spines. You simply can’t go wrong when you throw together words such as Mustang, Cobra, and Jet, and this special edition created by Ford Racing does just that. The 2012 Mustang Cobra Jet hasn’t exactly broken yet, but an order guide along with its specifications for the 2012 model year have surfaced on the internet. Big surprise, we know.

The limited special edition model is always an off-road model only and is legal for NHRA stock car racing, and IHRA and NMRA classes, but what makes this Cobra Jet different is that it is said to be even better than the 2008 (pictured above) and the2010 models. The 2012 Mustang Cobra Jet gets a revised engine, improved suspensions, new design elements, and a revised interior. Customers will also have the option to choose between two different packages: a Graphics Package and a 4.0L Supercharger upgrade.

Coming back from a tremendous performance in the 2010 racing year - the Jet won more class run-offs at the 2010 Indy U.S. Nationals than any other vehicle model - this high performance muscle seems set to do even better when it hits the pavement in 2012.

UPDATE 03/31/11: Ford Racing has unveiled a new video showing how the 2012 Mustang Cobra Jet is being assembled at the Auto Alliance International (AAI) assembly plant in Flat Rock, Michigan.

UPDATE 04/15/11: It’s time for another video from Ford Racing, this time showing the Cobra Jet during a dyno test - a process that is done for every client before the car is delivered.

Hit the jump to read full details on the 2012 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet.

Exterior and Interior

There are no official details on the 2012 model year just yet, but the first details reveal it will get a new design, black anodized Cobra Jet wheels, and new optional colors of Race Red, Grabber Blue, and Winner White. Customers will also have the possibility to opt for the Graphics Package that includes Powered-By-Ford fender emblems, Sweeping Snake side graphics, 5.4 Cobra Jet hood graphics, Ford Racing windshield header decal, Ford oval front fascia decals, a Ford oval license plate decal, and a FR500CJ decklid decal.

Coming in at 3,200lbs., the Cobra Jet comes with an 8.50et NHRA certified roll cage and an NHRA Stock Eliminator legal interior with an available Cobra Jet trim and appearance package.

The Engine

The 2012 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet is powered by a revised 5.4 liter DOHC supercharged aluminum block engine. The supercharger is a 2.3L TVS with a twin 65mm dual bore throttle body. Mated to a 3-speed C4 Auto Race transmission, this engine delivers 430hp. The optional 4.0L Supercharger upgrade includes a supercharger, billet throttle-body, complete inlet system with 140mm billet mass-air housing, installation instructions, and exclusive Ford Racing race-ready calibration.

This power will be put to use with a drag race wheel/tire combination and Cobra Jet spring/adjustable damper tuning to go along with the improved rear suspension with revised rear upper control arm and lower control arm mounts. Stopping power will come from light-weight, low-drag brakes.

2012 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet Exterior
- image 386051

The Competition

Despite the fact that the Cobra Jet is a very powerful car, it still has strong competition on the market. Models like the Chevrolet Camaro coupe, the Dodge Challenger, and the Nissan 370Z coupe have also been prepared for NHRA races and may give the Cobra Jet cause to worry.

While GM dropped out of NHRA Pro Stock, they have given Jerry Bickel and the NHRA permission to build a Camaro for this Series. We are still waiting for the official details on it, but we’re anticipating big things for the Camaro’s NHRA future.

On the other hand, Mopar already announced the Dodge Challenger Drag Pak that uses a 6.1 liter HEMI engine that comes in either a 5-speed automatic or 6-speed manual transmission. The car is painted in a retro Stone White paint scheme and Mopar engineers eliminated select production components and systems to reduce vehicle weight by approximately 1,000 lbs.

When Can I Buy One?

Considering the first details on the 2012 Cobra Jet were leaked on the web, we expect to see an official release sometime in the near future. Sales will begin in 2011 and there will only be 50 units produced. While we do not know the car’s price, we do know the Optional Graphics Package is priced at $1,995 and the optional 4.0L Supercharger upgrade at $9,995.

2012 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet Exterior
- image 386052

Press release

Since its legendary introduction at the NHRA Winternationals in 1968, Ford’s Cobra Jet Mustang has created a legacy of power, performance and triumph that has carried through the decades.
In 2008, Ford Racing unveiled the 40th Anniversary Cobra Jet Mustang, which promptly lived up to the legend of the original version, duplicating the NHRA Winternationals victory in its inaugural race. The subsequent 2010 Cobra Jet, built on the 2010 Mustang platform, has been setting class records and is competitive at drag strips across the country.
Today, Ford Racing unveiled the 2012 Cobra Jet Mustang at the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show in Orlando, Fla., and announced the intention to build 50 turn-key 2012 CJ’s. For the first time the Cobra Jet will be available in three color options—Race Red, Grabber Blue and Winner White—and coordinated graphics.
"Ford Racing is proud to build the 2012 Cobra Jet and continue the tradition of delivering turn-key competitive race cars to Ford drag racing enthusiasts," said George Goddu, Business Manager Ford Racing Performance Group. "With every Cobra Jet build we strive to carry the spirit of the original Cobra Jet while developing the next generation of drag racing icon. The enthusiast who races the 2012 Cobra Jet can be competitive at virtually any event, from their local track up through NHRA Stock or Super Stock classes."
For decades, the Mustang has been the preeminent car in many forms of racing, including drag racing. The 2008 and 2010 Cobra Jet Mustang added to that legacy with high- profile wins at the NHRA Winternationals and U.S. Nationals, and by setting numerous Stock and Super Stock class records across the country.

The goal for the 2012 Cobra Jet is to build a turn-key race car ready to take its own place in NHRA history. The same as its predecessors in 2008 and 2010 it’s a factory-built race car intended for NHRA Stock and Super Stock racing that can also be campaigned in other racing sanctioning bodies such as NMRA, NMCA, PSCA and IHRA. The 2012 CJ will come with all of the features of the 2010 car including a full race-prepared automatic transmission, drag race-specific shocks and springs, manual steering and brakes, 8.50 certified rollcage, and an Aeromotive return-style fuel system with trunk-mounted fuel cell.

For 2012, the Cobra Jet features a 5.4L supercharged engine based on the 2011 SVT Mustang with two supercharger options, a 2.3 liter TVS unit or a 4.0 liter Ford Racing Whipple supercharger. Each vehicle has an aluminum block engine, standard automatic transmission, double keyed crankshaft, Manley H-beam connecting rods, low-drag racing brakes and optimized spring rates for the front and rear. Additionally the Cobra Jet will feature black anodized Cobra Jet wheels from Weld Racing and a new compound tire with unique Cobra Jet branding from Goodyear.

The same as Ford Racing’s Mustang FR500S and the 2010 Cobra Jet, this ready to race Mustang will get its start at the Auto Alliance International (AAI) assembly plant in Flat Rock, Mich. in the first quarter of 2011. The entire 50-car run of 2012 Cobra Jets will be built on the same production line that produces the 2012 Ford Mustang production car.
The MSRP for the M-FR500-CJ is $91,900 with a fully loaded Cobra Jet priced at $103,980.

For racers who want to build their own cars, there is a Mustang Competition Roller based on the Cobra Jet that is serialized and complete, minus the power train. The third option would be to start with a Mustang Body-In-White or a donor car since nearly all of the CJ components can be found in the Ford Performance Parts catalog found online at

The limited production 2012 Cobra Jet Mustang is available on a first come order, first delivered basis through Ford dealers.

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  (580) posted on 02.7.2012

This car is so amazing. This is the product when you throw up Mustang, Cobra and Jet in one car. This would be the King of the Road when you drive this. I love the angst and aggressiveness of this super car.

  (427) posted on 07.22.2011

@ Phe Rari, how come you think that you’re not belong for that lucky folks who will be able to own that stuff. Come on, grab one now! By the way, its design is rare and unique from others.

  (531) posted on 07.5.2011

Oh no! So this car comes in limited edition? It seems that only 150 lucky folks are given a chance to own this special edition and it looks like I’m not belong on that!

  (599) posted on 07.5.2011

Well, it seems that this production is not that good compare to its competitor. Nissan 370z and the Camaro are great model and these car performs better than this car.

  (776) posted on 07.5.2011

No doubt that Mustang is the best seller muscle car. The aggressiveness and sportiness of this car really stands out among the rest. BTW, I was amazed that Ford is offering now a high performing vehicle!

  (40) posted on 04.21.2011

If you saw in the video.....there arent any heavy seats in the car, or extra pannels that weight it down, so even though it has less power, it will launch better and have better acceleration because of the weight loss.

  (539) posted on 04.20.2011

Yeah, that’s the only thing that I am concerned with in this project. They could have adjusted the engine a bit more in order to get more power, but I guess we’ll have to stick with that.

  (806) posted on 04.19.2011

The competition seems to be tough. I don’t know on how will the Mustang compete against the Cobra! I suggest that they need to upgrade their engine.

  (398) posted on 04.19.2011

Well, I think its good that they have revised the engine instead of making a new one though I have to say that the power is still less powerful.

  (336) posted on 04.19.2011

Well, what can I say? The Cobra Jet is definitely one impressive piece of machine. I definitely would want to see this speeding around the track.

  (630) posted on 04.18.2011

Hmm. I’m just wondering whats behind on the revised engine..Why can’t they make a original for this one. Well, the power of the car is not that disappointing.

  (2) posted on 04.18.2011

I hope my local MI Dealers get one of these soon. I can’t wait to see this in person. I might even take it on a test drive. How sweet would that be? Haha!

  (40) posted on 04.18.2011

Yes, this one is set up for drag racing, and if you want a track/road version then get a GT or Boss 302, there are MANY Mustangs out there.

  (776) posted on 04.18.2011

Under of ten seconds? Wow! That’s so impressive. But Please, I don’t want to see an electric version for this one! Its good already and no need to make any other version.

  (506) posted on 04.18.2011

Well, I already know that the Cobra Jet is one heck of a car. But seeing the numbers it posted on the dyno makes me even more convinced. Now if only they would release a video of it on the track.

  (858) posted on 04.7.2011

Yeah, I think that this was done in a well balanced manner. While they didn’t boos the engine that much, they managed to compensate for it by adjusting other parts.

  (345) posted on 04.6.2011

Well those numbers are actually more than adequate for the Cobra Jet. Considering the fact that they have lightened the car that much, it will certainly go at a fast pace.

  (406) posted on 04.5.2011

What, they’re putting in only 430 hp on this one? That’s a bit of a disappointment, I was hoping that they would actually add up more to this.

  (377) posted on 04.4.2011

Honestly, I don’t like the color of this car and the combination of Mustang, cobra and jet. IMO, I think this one is one of those pointless production that has been made in the history of the auto industry.

  (460) posted on 04.4.2011

Yeah, they most probably are setting this one up for drag racers. Just look at all the changes that they have made on this one. Certainly gives the car more power. \

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