The Ford Mustang and tuning company Roush Performance have long been synonymous with each other because of the latter’s undying devotion to giving some good aftermarket lovin’ to the iconic Ford muscle car.

Over the years, we’ve seen a number of Roush-tuned Ford Mustangs, including the P-51B, the Barrett-Jackson Edition, and the 5XR. All these works are mighty impressive, especially for the lofty standards the Mustang is held to in the tuning world.

With all the Mustang experience under its belt, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to find out that Roush Performance has just revealed their new project, the 2012 RS3 Mustang.

The 2012 Stage 3 Mustang, aka RS3, is powered by a 5.0L 4-valve DOHC TiVCT engine equipped with a R2300 ROUSH supercharger that increases the total output to a total of 540HP. Next to it the package also includes a pretty impressive list of paint and graphics and changes made to both interior and the exterior.

UPDATE 04/15/2011: This review has been updated with the official details and new images on the Mustang RS3. Hit the jump for the full details.

UPDATE 08/24/11: Roush Performance has been granted approval by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to sell the ROUSHcharged 2012 Roush Stage 3 Mustangs in all 50 states here in the US. That’s right, folks. You can get a piece of this monster Mustang in the US! And if that’s not enough good news for you, Roush Performance has released a video of the car performing some serious burnout action. Check it out, peeps!

  • 2012 Ford ’RS3’ Mustang by Roush Performance
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
    3.7-liter six-cylinder engine
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    540 horsepower
  • car segment:

Exterior and Interior

2012 Ford 'RS3' Mustang by Roush Performance Exterior
- image 398703

For the exterior package, Roush is offering a new front fascia with driving lights, chin spoiler, side rocker splitters, rear valence, rear deck-lid spoiler, and newly designed square exhaust tips. The final touch has been provided by a new set of 20-inch Hyper-Black or 20-inch Chrome Wheels.

For the interior, the tuner has added leather seats with an embroidered Stage 3 logo, four-piece performance pedals, Roush illuminated sill plates, newly designed shifter ball in either black or white, and a new interior Stage 3 badge with the car’s serial number engraved.

Customers will get to choose from eight base vehicle colors, six graphic colors, and six graphic accent colors, meaning a total of 288 unique color combination possibilities. To see them all you should check the online configurator.


2012 Ford 'RS3' Mustang by Roush Performance Drivetrain
- image 398707

The 2012 Mustang RS3 is powered by a 5.0L 4-valve DOHC TiVCT engine equipped with a R2300 ROUSH supercharger that increases the total output from 412HP to an impressive 540HP. The car will be also equipped with an innovative off-road ROUSH exhaust system that ensures that the system has a unique hollow-chamber muffler design; the sound won’t change over time like a conventional fiberglass packed exhaust would.


The 2012 Roush RS3 is priced at $59,945 and will be offered with a 3-year/36,000 mile warranty.


2012 Ford 'RS3' Mustang by Roush Performance Exterior
- image 399084

When it comes to tuning packages for the Ford Mustang, the list is rather long. Just yesterday, SMS Supercars announced the SMS 302 Black Label. The package not only comes with an impressive 575 HP engine, but also pretty impressive exterior and interior updates.

Of course, American tuners aren’t the only ones showing interest in the Mustang . GeigerCars from Germany revealed the Shelby GT640 "Golden Snake" just the other day. This is a model that includes a 640 HP engine and lots of carbon fiber. So, if you really want to customize your Mustang, there are lots of options to consider.

2012 Ford 'RS3' Mustang by Roush Performance Exterior
- image 398704
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  (858) posted on 12.20.2011

Well, this once certainly looks nice. I love the white color and red accents that they have used on this. It’s a good thing also that it has an awesome engine specs.

  (595) posted on 08.31.2011

The good thing about the Roush Performance is they have built an aftermarket version of the Mustang for several times, and yet we can still see different character from those tuned up vehicles. In addition, we couldn’t admit on how impressive was the engine performance of this car. 

  (714) posted on 08.26.2011

Although, this vehicle is considered as vintage. I would say that the upgraded version of the car is kind of impressive. I’m really amazed with the performance of the Mustang. This is definitely an iconic vehicle.

  (528) posted on 08.26.2011

If not mistaken, the Roush Performance has already built a tuned up version of the Mustang. Obviously, the figure performance is kind of impressive. Plus, I was impressed with the modified styling of the car.

  (359) posted on 07.5.2011

Well, I would say that this is not the best aftermarket version that I have seen for a Mustang. The upgrade that is included in the package is not that impressive and I agree that there are still a lot that offers great compare to this.

  (531) posted on 07.5.2011

I remember it racing in the event for Mustang and I was impressed with the speed performance of this car! BTW, its a great thing that this tuner company offers an upgrade for the engine!

  (702) posted on 05.4.2011

When i first saw this car. I’m kinda impressed the whole package. It seems the Ford Mustang comes a great success for the next future reference model type of car.

  (1) posted on 04.20.2011

A Roush Camaro? What an interesting concept, but asking Jack Roush to tune a Chevy is bordering on blasphemy - his blood is Ford Racing Blue...

  (539) posted on 04.20.2011

That one would really be an interesting project. I really wonder what Roush Performance would be able to come up with when they work on a Camaro.

  (336) posted on 04.19.2011

Well, the number probably is real. Why haven’t they done that with the Camaro? Well, maybe they haven’t yet. Who knows, Roush might be secretly preparing a package for the Camaro.

  (630) posted on 04.18.2011

Yeah, I agree that this car has a different designs and detailing. However, I’m just wondering if this "540 hp" is real. If Roush could really make an impressive engine like that then why they didn’t do it to the Camaro and Aveo?

  (776) posted on 04.18.2011

Damn! I like the look of this new Mustang! I love the wheels! Ford is known for their different setting for the horsepower , that’s why I’m so impressed with its 540 power!

  (506) posted on 04.18.2011

Wow, I thought that this one would be very expensive. But at 59 grand this one isn’t really all that pricey at all, considering all the upgrades that they have put in.

  (599) posted on 04.18.2011

Well, I am not really surprised that the RS3 mustang would have all these features. After all, they are working with a Mustang here, so you won’t expect them to go easy with the upgrades.

  (708) posted on 04.15.2011

Well, I don’t really care about that little detail. This car is still a Mustang, so it is alright for me if it does resemble another one. They are all cars after all.

  (473) posted on 04.15.2011

Hmm, for sheer power alone, I would definitely go for the Mustang, that car can really deliver a lot in terms of speed. But I really like the Camaro’s sleek looks more.

  (412) posted on 04.15.2011

Yeah, you’re right, the front bumper really looks like that of the Camaro’s. I don’t know if that would be a good or bad thing, but the whole of the car still looks great.

  (466) posted on 04.14.2011

Well, I agree with you guys. I just have a little concern on the front its similar to Chevrolet’s platform. Though, I find this car classier and sportier.

  (474) posted on 04.14.2011

Mustang is a Mustang and no more question about that. Modifying the car was so thrilling for the part of the tuning company since this model is iconic and timeless!

  (449) posted on 04.14.2011

This one is a rather great looking car. Too bad that the power output is not as much as I expected, though 540 hp is really good.

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