We admit to being one of the many sites that are enamored with Ford’s sports hatchback, the Focus ST.

Unlike sports coupes, which traditionally convey sporty looks with top-notch performance credentials, sports hatchbacks like the Focus ST are like the cute girlfriends that don’t command as many sexy clothes, but are just as beautiful as their Gucci-covered counterparts. This is doubly true after they’re given some kind of makeover.

In the automotive world, tuning companies are the ones that give cars makeovers. In the case of British tuner Superchips, that’s exactly what it did to the Focus ST, turning it from a cute sport hatch into a certified hottie. Relying on its specialty as one of the top ECU-remap experts in the world, Superchips was able to tweak the Focus ST’s ECU, particularly the system’s boost level, fueling and ignition timing.

The result is a significant power jump for the Focus ST’s 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, which know produces an incredible output of just over 300 horsepower to go with along 233 pound-feet of torque.

A sports hatch pumping out 300 ponies? Sign us up for that one. And the best part is Superchips’ ECU remap only costs £455, which is just around $730, including VAT and installation.

By the way, if for nothing else, those candy blue rims certainly looks fly on the Focus ST.

  • 2013 Ford Focus ST by Superchips
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  (305) posted on 11.30.2012

the quality/price value for this car is great. i think this is what makes it so great!

  (302) posted on 11.30.2012

all this competition stimulates the manufacturers to produce better cars. so i guess we, the consumers, have the most to win out of this!

  (312) posted on 11.30.2012

oh yeah! there are soooo many cars in this segment, one better than the other. i would not like to have to choose.

  (305) posted on 11.30.2012

i think any car manufacturer has a good contender for this market segment. so no easy choice there.

  (422) posted on 11.30.2012

let’s not forget the megane RS26. although a bit older, it still turns heads easily.

  (452) posted on 11.30.2012

i look at this car and can’t stop thinking about the hyundai veloster. that is one mean looking car!

  (475) posted on 11.30.2012

i think there are other better looking cars out there. and fast, too.

  (542) posted on 11.30.2012

the golf is more expensive, as far as i know. and the R32 has a far bigger engine. 3.2 liters compared to the 2.0 liters the ford has.

  (509) posted on 11.30.2012

i think that the golf R32 can beat this one. just my opinion.

  (516) posted on 11.30.2012

300 HP and 233 pound feet torque are enough to take on any of the hot hatches available.

  (542) posted on 11.30.2012

a hot hatchback indeed. but is it as good as it counterparts?

  (516) posted on 11.30.2012

i think the ford focus ST matches the definition of a hot hatchback!

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