Race-inspired hatchback with drone landing pad!

Launched in 2012, the latest Focus ST was the company’s range-topping hatchback until the RS model arrived for the 2016 model year. Although the ST was revised for 2015, the drivetrain remained unchanged, as did performance. As a result, the Focus ST lost its place under the spotlight as soon as the Focus RS made its entrance. Fortunately, several tuning companies are still offering upgrades for the ST, which remains an important model in the lineup despite being some five years old as of 2017. Blood Type Racing is one of those companies, and it just unveiled a flashy package for the 2017 SEMA Show.

Described as a concept that combines "lifestyle elements of moving images with motorsports," Blood Type Racing’s Focus ST boasts several upgrades inside and out, as well as under the hood. And while the aero kit is heavily based on modern racing, the wheel design and the paint remind of flashy vehicles you usually see in the Fast & Furious franchise. What’s more, the hatchback sports a roof rack and a custom landing pad for drones. A rather awkward package for what sort of elements it combines, but more than suitable for an event like the SEMA Show.

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2017 Ford Focus ST by Blood Type Racing
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Up front, it's the massive splitter that draws the most attention

Blood Type Racing’s take on the Focus ST is somewhat weird, in the sense that it blends a race-specific exterior with a flashy paint and rims that are usually seen on tuning show cars (not exactly recommended for track use). But the car fits quite nicely in the SEMA Show context, where many tuning companies display out-of-the-box approaches on road-legal cars.

There are quite a few features that help this Focus ST stand out from the pack. Up front, it’s the massive splitter that draws the most attention. Made from carbon-fiber by Rally Innovations, it’s very similar to what we can usually seen on GT3- and GT4-spec race cars. The bumper and engine hood were also given a more aggressive design, but nothing compared to the really wide fenders from SoCal Garage.

2017 Ford Focus ST by Blood Type Racing
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Around back, there's a massive, carbon-fiber wing atop the tailgate

Onto the sides, we can see a set of B-Forged Performance wheels that measure 19-inch and feature a unique, twin-seven-spoke design and a brushed smoke gloss.The rims are wrapped in low-profile Toyo T1 Sports tires that sunk deep into the body under the flares. They look really cool, but I wouldn’t drive this car on a race track with this wheel and tire configuration. The blacked-out pillars and the carbon-fiber side skirts complete the look.

Around back, there’s a massive, carbon-fiber wing atop the tailgate, also provided by Rally Innovations. The roof carries a Thule rack system that includes a custom drone helipad that’s supposed to add "functionality to curb appeal." But I think is just a fancy feature that’s not exactly useful, as landing a drone on such a small platform is rather difficult and inconvenient. But hey, drones are popular nowadays and I’m sure that most of the SEMA crowd will find this feature interesting.

Finally, the car is finished in a flashy Midnight Purple paint created by BASF, while the standard headlamps were replaced by Diode Dynamics units for a more modern look.


2014 Ford Focus ST Interior
- image 513098

Note: standard Ford Focus ST pictured here.

Cabin upgrades include Sabelt carbon-fiber seats and a race-spec roll bar and harness system

There are quite a lot of upgrades to talk about inside the cabin too. Arguably the most interesting is the racing package that includes Sabelt’s carbon-fiber seats with four-point harnesses. The latter are attached to an Autopower roll bar with harness bar, while the rear section comes with a BTR storage compartment for camera and drone. There’s also a SoCal Garage carbon-fiber steering wheel and a Ford Performance short-throw shifter. But this Focus ST isn’t just about racing and all the gear you need to make a cool video. Blood Type Racing also added all weather floor mats for enhanced practicality and illuminated door sill plates for a bit of glitz. Both were taken from the Ford Accessories catalog.


2014 Ford Focus ST High Resolution Drivetrain
- image 513106

Note: standard Ford Focus ST pictured here.

The 2.3-liter EcoBoost was enhanced with a Full Race Turbo kit that cuts turbo lag

Under the hood, this souped-up hatchback hides the same 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine as the stock Focus ST. However, the four-banger was enhanced with a Full Race Turbo kit that cuts turbo lag for quicker throttle response and increased output. It also features a Borg Warner EFI turbo instead of the standard unit and a Ford Performance exhaust. Blood Type Racing also added a Mishimoto radiator and coolant reservoir, a new, improved intercooler, and a Hoonigan oil cap. A COBB Tunning Accessport tuner revised by Blood Type Racing rounds off the engine package.

Unfortunately, there’s no word as to how powerful the beefed-up EcoBoost engine is after all these upgrades. The unit cranks out 252 horsepower and 270 pound-feet of torque in stock configuration and this package could increase that to around 270 horses and 290 pound-feet. The extra oopmh should also drop the 0-to-60 mph sprint from the standard 5.9 to around 5.7 seconds.

More upgrades were made to the chassis, starting with a performance air suspension from Air Lift. A Pierce Motorsports underbody brace enhances stability, while a bigger brake kit from Wilwood provides the necessary stopping power.


2017 Ford Focus ST by Blood Type Racing Exterior
- image 738198

While Blood Type Racing’s take is definitely exciting as far as performance upgrades go, it’s a bit too exotic (or may I should say flashy?) for my taste. And it has nothing to do with the purple paint. Though I’m not a big fan of these Fast & Furious type finishes, I actually like how it looks the Focus ST. What I don’t like about this build are the wheels, which are rather inappropriate for a race-inspired body. I also think that the roof rack system is out of place, while the drone roof pad is anything but necessary. Why would I want to land a drone on the roof on my car when I can use any surface on the ground? Sure, it’s not a bad idea if you look at this car as a SEMA Show project only, but it’s not a feature I’d pay for in an aftermarket tuning package.

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2014 Ford Focus ST Exterior
- image 513093

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This Focus ST concept combines lifestyle elements of moving images with motorsports to make a vehicle for the modern enthusiast. The exterior is all royalty, from the Midnight Purple paint to the wide body fender flares and rear hatch wing. The ST boasts a unique roof-mounted drone helipad, adding functionality to curb appeal. A Full Race Turbo kit means turbo lag is non-existent with quick response and increased engine output. Ford Performance accessories including exhaust, short throw shifter, and illuminated door sill plates making this Focus ST ready for prime time.

Base Vehicle

2017 Ford Focus ST
0L I4 EcoBoost engine
6-speed manual transmission


FullRace turbo kit
Borg Warner EFI 7163 turbo
Ford Performance exhaust*
Ford Performance short throw shifter**
Coolant reservoir
Hoonigan oil cap
COBB Tuning Accessport Tuner/ tuned by Blood Type Racing


Airlift Performance air suspension
Wilwood big brake kit
Pierce Motorsports underbody brace

Wheels & Tires

B-Forged Performance 768SL (19”x9.5”) wheels in brushed smoke gloss
Toyo Tires T1 Sports (245/35/19) tires


Ford Accessories locking fuel plug*
SoCal Garage Works wide body fender flares
Rally Innovations splitter kit
Rally Innovations rear hatch wing
BASF Midnight Purple III paint
AutoArt Glenview body and paint
AutoArt Glenview custom HeliPad
Thule roof rack system*
Diode Dynamics head lights


Ford Accessories all weather floor mats*
Ford Accessories illuminated door sill plates*
Sabelt GT621L carbon fiber racing seats
Sabelt 4 Point racing harnesses
Autopower roll bar with harness bar
BTR custom rear storage compartment for camera and drone
SoCal Garage Works carbon fiber steering wheel

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