This isn’t your sisters Ford EcoSport

The Ford EcoSport’s standing as the Blue Oval’s smallest crossover isn’t stopping it from making a statement at the 2018 SEMA Auto Show. With assistance from aftermarket tuner, Tucci Designs, the EcoSport is showing off a more rugged “Big Adventures” personality that’s built for the outdoors. Bucci Design’s Ford EcoSport Big Adventures is one of five Ford crossovers and SUVs that’s appearing at SEMA when the world’s biggest aftermarket auto show opens its doors next month.


2018 Ford EcoSport Big Adventures by Tucci Designs
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Interesting things can happen to a Ford EcoSport if you put it in the hands of a tuning company. Tucci Design’s program for the entry-level crossover is a good example of that. On the surface, the EcoSport looks like it was converted for off-road use. Sounds simple enough, right? But that narrative doesn’t do justice to the amount of work Tucci Design put into creating this rugged alter ego. You can’t identify the first element that pops out because a lot of them do instantaneously. Take the fender flares, for example. Those aren’t your typical aftermarket variety; those are custom 3D-printed by Dom Tucci Design.

The Big Adventures EcoSport also benefits from a series of function-specific lights. It’s been fitted with fog lights from Amber, brake lights from Chase, and white and amber Rock lights. Evidently, this is one EcoSport that’s not going to lose its way in the dark anytime soon.

Move away from the lights, and you’ll also notice the crossover sporting new front and rear tubular bumpers and a rear diffuser.

Both these elements come from Tucci Design. On the more functional end, the Big Adventures EcoSport also comes equipped with a 35-S Powersport winch from Warn Axon and a bike rack from Yakima Highroad. Finally, the crossover sits on a set of 16-inch Fifteen52 Turbocmac HD wheels wrapped in Maxxis Bravo Series AT tires measuring 255/65-16.

Ford said that the Big Adventures EcoSport is a “highly capable, efficient, and fun” vehicle. Based on Tucci Design’s work on its exterior, it’s hard to argue against that sentiment.


2018 Ford EcoSport High Resolution Interior
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Note: standard Ford Ecosport pictured here.

There aren’t that many upgrades in the interior, which is a bit surprising considering that the EcoSport was tuned for rugged off-road purposes.

The only new bits worth mentioning are the all-weather floor mats and the cargo liner, both of which come from Ford Accessories.

In other words, Tucci Designs stayed away from making any meaningful upgrades on the interior of the EcoSport. Perhaps that’s by design, though it probably would’ve served the EcoSport better if the tuner at least added a few bits that could fit its function and personality.

Drivetrain and Chassis

2018 Ford EcoSport Big Adventures by Tucci Designs
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In keeping with its identity as an off-road-leaning crossover, the Ford Big Adventures EcoSport was on the receiving end of a K&N air filter and a Borla custom Ford Performance exhaust system. The new air filter should smoothen the power output coming out of the EcoSport’s 2.0-liter inline-four-cylinder engine. On its own, the EcoSport’s four-cylinder unit produces 160 horsepower and 146 pound-feet of torque. It’s unclear if these upgrades help create more power, but don’t expect anything unless Tucci Designs has an engine software upgrade that it’s not telling us.

In any event, 160 ponies is pretty good for the EcoSport. It also tells you that the tuner used the range-topping version of the subcompact SUV.

It’s not going to conquer every beaten road it finds itself in, but it’s not going to get embarrassed by a perceived lack of power, either.

The engine sends power to the wheels courtesy of Ford’s six-speed SelectShift automatic transmission.

Complementing the upgrades to the EcoSport’s powertrain are similar modifications made to the crossover’s chassis, specifically the installation of N1 coilers from ISC Suspension. You’re not going to notice the effects of this upgrade on the EcoSport’s chassis, but that’s entirely the point. If you don’t know it’s there, it means it’s doing its job.

Final Thoughts

2018 Ford EcoSport Big Adventures by Tucci Designs
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The Ford EcoSport is a quirky model. It’s technically labeled as a subcompact crossover, but it really is just a high-riding hatchback. It has more in common with the Fiesta and Focus than it does with Ford’s other SUVs. That said, its place in Ford’s crossover and SUV hierarchy makes it one of the most customizable models in Ford’s lineup. Tucci Designs’ program for the EcoSport is a good example of what a tuner can do with the EcoSport. It’s unrealistic to expect a complete blow-up of the crossover, but where there are upgrades that can be made, Tucci Designs was all over it with some interesting modifications that give the EcoSport more personality than it otherwise has. Give the tuner a look if you want to customize your EcoSport. You could do a lot worse than what Tucci Designs has to offer.

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Further reading

2018 Ford EcoSport High Resolution Exterior
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Tucci Designs gives EcoSport go-anywhere, do-anything treatment

This Tucci Designs Big Adventures EcoSport gives an all-new meaning to the concept of compact sport utility vehicle. The team started with custom fender flares and beefy Maxxis Bravo AT tires, then followed with off-road accessories including an integrated winch, custom tubular bumpers, Rigid Industries lighting and Yakima bike rack. The result is a highly capable, efficient, fun package from an award-winning team that will turn heads and open the great outdoors to a new generation of compact SUV builders.

Base vehicle

2018 Ford EcoSport SES 4WD
2.0L Ti-VCT GDI I-4 engine
6-speed SelectShift automatic transmission

K&N air filter
Borla custom Ford Performance exhaust

ISC Suspension N1 coilovers
Wheels and Tires

Fifteen52 Turbomac HD wheels, 16 x 8 inches
Maxxis® Bravo Series AT tires, 255/65-16

Dom Tucci Design custom 3D-printed fender flares
Rigid Industries lighting
Radiance DXL
Amber fog lights
Chase brake light
Rock lights, cool white and amber
Tucci rear diffuser
Tucci front and rear tubular bumpers
WARN® AXON™ 35-S Powersport winch
Yakima Highroad bike rack

Ford Accessories cargo liner
Ford Accessories all-weather floor mats

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