• 2018 Ford Expedition Classic by LGE*CTS Motorsports

This multiple personality Expedition is a nice addition to the garage

The Ford Expedition is arguably one of the most versatile SUVs in the market. It has the size, the technology, and the all-around capability that you’d want from a full-sized SUV. It’s also highly customizable, whether through Ford itself or through the aftermarket tuning scene. The Ford LGE*CTS Expedition Classic is a perfect example of the latter. It’s designed and built by noted designer Theresa Contreras, who focused on creating a “modern classic” interpretation of Ford’s popular SUV. There’s a lot to like about the this tuned Expedition, particularly its impressive presentation. We’ll get to see it up close at the 2018 SEMA Auto Show in Las Vegas.


2018 Ford Expedition Classic by LGE*CTS Motorsports
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If looks could kill, the Ford LGE*CTS Expedition Classic is like a knife to the heart. It’s still an Expedition at its core, but Theresa Contreras did a fantastic job re-jigging its appearance to make it look completely unique.

The two-tone matte paint finish and the set of 18-inch steel wheels from Wheel Vintiques give it a nice utilitarian look.

The wheels themselves come wrapped in BF Goodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM2 tires, measuring 285/70-18.

This Expedition program is not just about the colors and wheels, too. It also features a custom-painted roof basket with its own extension from Yakima Off-Grid. Up front, the bumper has been reinforced by LGE and integrated with a 20-inch light bar from Radiance. It’s the same story with the rear bumper minus the light bar. The back does have a spare tire carrier, stretch nets, and a stow-away Napier tent from Ford Licensed Accessories. Minor additions to the exterior of the LGE*CTS Expedition Classic include a pair of security straps, two top grips, two end caps, and an axel/shovel bracket.


Ford Expedition Stealth Edition
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Note: Standard Ford Expedition pictured here.

The Ford LGE*CTS Expedition Classic isn’t just a show-and-go concept. It’s dripping in functionality, particularly in the interior where there’s a menu of upgrades included in the program. Let’s start with the minor ones.

There are four Yakima mugs, custom leather seats from Rogelio’s, a portable audio system from Kicker, a first aid and roadside assistance kit from DC Safety, a storage bag, winching gloves, and a built-in safe from Console Vault.

Oh, and we can’t forget about the all-weather floor mats, can we?

The really important bit is the Ford Performance by WARN Industries Recovery Kit. It’s made up of a two-inch x 22-foot blue recovery strap that’s rated at 14,400 pounds and a 3/4-inch D-shackle that’s rated at 18,000 pounds. These two items may sound inconsequential when there’s no trouble in sight, but when things get rough, and SUVs and/or people get in a pickle, these two items are the closest things to life-saving equipment inside the LGE*CTS Expedition Classic.

Drivetrain and Chassis

2018 Ford Expedition Classic by LGE*CTS Motorsports
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You would think that an SUV that’s presented this way would have a surprise underneath its hood. Unfortunately, Theresa Contreras didn’t include an engine upgrade in her to-do list when she designed and built this project. The only notable addition in this department is the Borla cat-back exhaust system, which actually is a big deal in it of itself.

At the very least, the new exhaust provides a venue for the Expedition’s 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 engine to uncork its 375-horsepower and 470 pound-feet-of-torque output.

Speaking of which, the output from the EcoBoost V-6 engine is coursed through a 10-speed SelectShift automatic transmission that sends power to the two rear wheels. If you want all four wheels to get equal amounts of love, there is an optional part-time 4WD system that’s available from Ford. It’s unclear if this particular Expedition carries that optional tech, but judging by the way it looks, it wouldn’t be surprising if it did. If it doesn’t, well, it probably should.

Either way, the LGE*CTS Expedition Classic also received upgrades to the chassis. Specifically, the Contreras brought in a ReadyLIFT suspension leveling kit and front and rear sway bars from Hellwig Products to improve the SUV’s overall drivability.

Final Thoughts

2018 Ford Expedition Classic by LGE*CTS Motorsports
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All five of Ford’s SEMA-bound SUV offerings have something unique to bring to the table. Of the five, though, the Ford LGE*CTS Expedition Classic is probably the one that embodies the showmanship of SEMA the most. The SUV’s two-tone color doesn’t pop out quite like the Blood Type Racing Edge ST, but the combination matte finish is a personality trait on its own. Combine that with all the added equipment in the exterior and interior, and the LGE*CTS Expedition does right by the ethos of SEMA.

Don’t expect to start seeing it hit the road, though. The likelihood is that this SUV is a pure show car. If you want one that looks and functions just like it, you’re going to have to build it yourself. The good news: thanks to Theresa Contreras and LGE*CTS, everything you need is already laid out on the table.

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2018 Ford Expedition
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LGE*CTS Expedition Classic honors vintage off-roaders while offering modern technology

With vintage design cues, rich materials and high-tech rugged hardware, designer/builder Theresa Contreras created a modern classic for SEMA with her LGE*CTS Expedition Classic. From the purpose-driven matte paint and steel wheels, to the ReadyLIFT® self-leveling suspension and Borla® performance cat-back exhaust, the LGE*CTS Expedition Classic is built for adventure – and getting you there in ultimate style. Finishing touches include custom-painted Yakima OffGrid roof rack and coordinating Ford Accessories.

Base vehicle

2018 Ford Expedition XLT 4x4
3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine
10-speed SelectShift automatic transmission

Borla cat-back exhaust system

ReadyLIFT suspension leveling kit
Hellwig Products front and rear sway bars
Wheels and tires

Wheel Vintiques® steel wheels, 18 x 8 inches
BFGoodrich® Mud-Terrain T/A®KM2 tires, 285/70-18

Ford Licensed Accessories custom-painted Yakima® Off-Grid large roof basket w/extension
Ford Licensed Accessories Napier tent
LGE Baja Forged front and rear bumpers
Rigid Industries 20-inch Radiance light bar
Yakima Products
Spare tire carrier
Stretch nets (large and medium)
Security straps, 2
Top grips, 2
End caps, 2
Axel/shovel bracket

Ford Performance by WARN® Industries Recovery Kit
2-inch x 22-foot blue recovery strap - rated to 14,400-lbs.
¾-inch D-shackle - rated to 18,000-lbs
Instruction manual
Storage bag
Winching gloves
Ford Licensed Accessories
All-weather floor mats
DC Safety first aid and roadside assistance kit
Portable audio by Kicker
Vehicle safe by Console Vault
Yakama mugs, four
Rogelio’s custom leather seats

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