Racing gear and 1970s Boss 429 cues!

The upgraded 2018 Ford Mustang is already in showrooms, and all major tuners are now rolling aftermarket upgrades for both the EcoBoost and GT versions. With the 2017 SEMA Show just around the corner, the updated Mustang also received its fair share of wild concept cars, some of which might make it into production at some point. One such model comes from Roush Performance, a tuning company that has been modifying Mustangs for over two decades now. Finished in a modern take on the classic Grabber Green color, this beefed-up muscle car takes its styling cues from the iconic Mustang Boss 429 of the early 1970s.

Unlike most Roush-modified Mustangs, this green beast sports a custom-built widebody that turns the basic GT into a full-fledged race car. The motorsport-inspired look is backed by carbon-fiber aerodynamic devices, while the interior boasts everything a proper race car needs. From the Recaro racing seats with harnesses to the roll cage and the carbon rear seat delete, this Mustang is ready to hit the track at any given time. Drivetrain updates are also on the table, but information is still limited in this department. We should find out more at the SEMA Show, so stay tuned for updates. Meanwhile, let’s have a look at what we already know about this concept car.

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  • Custom widebody kit
  • Carbon-fiber aero elements
  • Vented engine hood
  • Vossen wheels and Continental tires
  • Grabber Green paint
2018 Ford Mustang By Roush Performance
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Custom widebody kit with Carbon Fiber Elements
Changes are rather dramatic up front, where the bumper is a massive departure from the standard Mustang GT

Roush has been building some mean, evil looking Mustangs in recent years and this SEMA Show project is no different. The body kit used for the facelifted ’Stang GT is rather complex, combing not Roush’s new kit for the 2018-model-year pony car, but also a custom widebody layout.

Changes are rather dramatic up front, where the bumper is a massive departure from the standard Mustang GT. Not only are the side vents under the LED daytime running light are bigger, but the main intake is wider too. Down below, there’s a massive, race-inspired carbon-fiber splitter that enhanced aerodynamics, while giving the coupe an aggressive stance.

The standard grille with the honeycomb mesh and the slanted side bars has been replaced with a Roush specific element with horizontal slats. The engine hood now sports a big bulge in the middle, as well as heat extractors on each side, toward the nose.

Onto the sides, it's the massive wheel arch extensions and the carbon-fiber side skirts that draw attention

Onto the sides, it’s the massive wheel arch extensions that draw attention. The side skirts are wider too and feature carbon-fiber lower areas. More carbon-fiber can be found in the mirror caps, while the front fenders have specific "Roush" lettering. The coupe rides on custom 20-inch wheels developed by Roush in cooperation with rim specialist Vossen. These are wrapped in Continental Extreme Contact tires. The profile is rounded off by function quarter window scoops and a lowered ride height.

Around back, the heavily modified Mustang features a revised diffuser, carbon-fiber aerofoils, and a big carbon-fiber spoiler. There’s no photo of the rear section yet, but I bet this Mustang also features larger exhaust pipes. The exterior is finished in a custom paint by Sherwin Williams that’s heavily based on the historic Grabber Green.

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1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429 2018 Ford Mustang By Roush Performance


  • Recaro racing seats
  • Sparco harnesses
  • Watson Racing roll cage
  • Rear-seat delete
  • Katzkin leather trim
2018 Ford Mustang By Roush Performance
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Recaro Racing Seats, Sparco Harnesses, Katzkin leather trim
Arguably the biggest upgrade are the Recaro racing seats, which are paired to Sparco four-point racing harnesses

Sadly, there are no photos of the interior, which is the norm with SEMA Show concepts launched before the event begins, so we can’t see the long list of updates Roush operated inside the cabin. Arguably the biggest upgrade are the Recaro racing seats. These are paired with Sparco four-point racing harnesses and a carbon-fiber rear-seat delete by Anderson Composites, the same company that provided carbon elements for the aerodynamic kit.

The race-prepped interior is backed by a Watson Racing roll cage, as well as Roush’s very own performance instrument cluster. But this Mustang isn’t a stripped out race car. Roush also added new floor mats and a Ford Accessories leather interior kit by Katzkin. Needless to say, it’s a combination you can get in most Roush products nowadays, but with an extra touch of racing goodness through the rear-seat delete and other weight-saving measures.


  • Performance cold-air intake
  • Active exhaust system
  • Three-way adjustable suspension
  • Brembo GT brakes
2018 Ford Mustang By Roush Performance
- image 740246
Grabber Green Paint
The V-8 gained a new cold-air intake and performance exhaust system

Under the modified hood lurks the naturally aspirated, 5.0-liter V-8 engine that comes with the standard Mustang GT, but Roush made several modifications. A new performance cold-air intake was fitted, while the standard exhaust system was replaced with the tuner’s active quad x-pipe layout. No word on output figures yet, but it’s safe to assume that this V-8 delivers a bit more than the standard 460 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of twist.

The beefed-up drivetrain is backed by a Roush three-way adjustable suspension

The mill mates to the recently introduced 10-speed automatic, which makes the GT the quickest non-Shelby Mustang ever with a 0 to 60 mph sprint of "less than four seconds" (with Drag Strip setup enabled, of course). With all the extra oomph, the Roush model should be quicker by at least a tenth-second, but I can’t point out a specific figure since the official acceleration rating is not available as of October 2017.

The beefed-up drivetrain is backed by a Roush three-way adjustable suspension and enhanced stopping power through Brembo GT series brakes.


2018 Ford Mustang By Roush Performance Exterior
- image 740038
2017 Ford Mustang by Roush Peroformance

When it comes to modded Mustangs, Roush products are as good as they get, usually raging from mildly upgraded cars to aggressively beefed-up packages that put a whole lot of extra oomph under the hood. This concept is a good example of the former, but it packs a very attractive body kit that makes it look as it just came off the race track. The Boss 429-inspired paint and detailing is also cool to have, but it remains to be seen whether this things becomes a production model in the future.

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Ford Mustang

2018 Ford Mustang High Resolution Exterior
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Press release

This Roush Mustang is a custom-built wide-body Mustang, with styling cues from the historic 1970 Boss 429. Finished in the commemorative hue of Ford’s Grabber Green, the Roush all-new 2018 Mustang body kit in conjunction with a custom wide-body kit. The Roush wide body Mustang is equipped with various race-inspired carbon fiber parts and custom Vossen RVS forged wheels.

Base Vehicle

2018 Mustang Fastback
5.0-liter Ti-VCT V8 engine
10-speed automatic transmission


Roush Performance parts:
Cold-air intake
Active quad tip exhaust with x-pipe
Air gobbler ram air with Stratasys function hood scoop
Custom exhaust tips


Brembo GT-series brakes
Roush Performance 3-way adjustable suspension

Wheels and Tires

Vossen/Roush Performance custom RVS (20-inch x 10-inch front, 20-inch x 11-inch rear) wheels
Continental extreme contact (295/30/20 front, 305/30/20 rear) tires


Roush Performance Stratasys custom body kit
Sherwin Williams custom Grabber Green paint
Roush Performance body kit:
Functional window scoops
Heat extractors
Upper/Lower grille
Rear blackout applique
Hood struts
Roush Performance / Anderson composites:
Carbon fiber front splitter
Carbon fiber rear aerofoils
Carbon fiber side rockers
Carbon fiber spoiler
Carbon fiber mirrors caps


Recaro racing seats
Ford Accessories leather interior kit by Katzkin
Watson Racing roll cage
Anderson Composites carbon fiber rear seat delete
Roush Performance floor mats
Roush Performance gauge cluster
SPARCO 4-point racing harness

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Press release
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