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Out of the five modified Mustangs that Ford is bringing to this year’s SEMA Show, the Bojix Design creation is the bluest of the lot. Under that two-tone bodywork, there are tons of Ford Performance parts to drool on.

Ford’s advertising the Mustang as one of the most tuning-friendly cars you can get your hands on. To showcase how easy it is to turn the Mustang into something special, using both Ford Performance parts and other aftermarket components, Ford commisioned five tuners to bring to the show their own interpretation of the sixth generation muscle car. These are CGS Motorsports, Galpin Auto Sports, CJ Pony Parts, TJIN Edition, and Bojix Design which is one of only two cars not to be covered in some dull gray or black paint scheme.

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2018 Ford Mustang GT by Bojix Design
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Remember the 2013 Mustang GT displayed by Bojix Design at SEMA 6 years ago? Well, Bojix held on to the idea that blue is a good color for the exterior but, this time, the tint is slightly darker and the roof, A-pillars, and C-pillars are actually gray.

The front end is already pretty aggressive on the stock Mustang and Bojix further enhanced this sensation by keeping all of the grilles black, including the insides of the headlight and outer grille indentations.

The carbon fiber lip on the front bumper is now closer to the ground while also peeking forwards more than it does on the stock model.

The lower front grille was slightly altered by Bojix to complete the look of the front fascia.

The hood now features bigger, louvered, air vents while the side mirrors are painted in the color of the roof. Bojix also fitted some Ford Performance hood struts and tie-down kit as well as Ford Performance decklid trim panel. There’s also a dark stripe on both sides of the car which narrows down towards the front wheel arch. The arches themselves barely contain the huge 20-inch Savini SV67 rims with Nitto NT05 tires.

At the back, there’s a big drag-style fixed wing from APR which is the biggest out of all the ones on the five modified Mustangs. Otherwise, Bojix fitted an exhaust system of their own design with Borla mufflers.


2018 Ford Mustang High Resolution Interior
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Note: standard Ford Mustang pictured here.

The interior is, largely, the same as you’d find in any Mustang GT. However, Bojix dumped the original seats and went for a pair of Recaro Sportster CR black leather seats with black stitching and better side support. To save weight, the rear bench was also removed.

What you get in the place of a back seat is a loud new sound system. Bojix sourced 10-inch solo baric L7 subwoofers from Kicker Audio which can make the car shake as much as the 5.0-liter V-8 under the hood.


2018 Ford Mustang GT by Bojix Design
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Talking about the engine, it’s worth pointing out that the mechanical side of things was treated with just as much care and attention. The Ti-VCT unit received a Procharger Stage 2 supercharger and a Ford Performance driveshaft loop. Ford Performance delivered the springs, shock absorbers, and sway bars as well as front and rear hubs with extended wheel studs.

With the added supercharger with up to 8.5 psi of boost, it’s clear that this Mustang is quite the beast. I mean, the stock 5.0-liter engine puts out 460-horsepower at 7,000 rpm and 420 pound-feet of torque at 4,600 rpm.

With the Procharger kit installed, power can be increased by up to 70% which means the Bojix car could be tuned to develop almost 900-horsepower.

It, however, uses the usual 6-speed gearbox, so it probably has a less enthusiastic tune since it’s made for a show, not for the strip.


2018 Ford Mustang GT by Bojix Design
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The Bojix Design Mustang GT is, arguably, the most elegant of the lot. The tasteful blue paintwork with the gray roof really catches your eye coupled with the huge rotor-like Savini wheels. In a way, you can say it’s more subtle than the Galpin Auto Sports or the TJIN Edition creations, but those went for purple graphics (or a full purple wrap for the latter).

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2018 Ford Mustang High Resolution Exterior
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