This Mustang GT is one of the best-looking tuner models aimed at SEMA

As part of the SEMA show this year, Ford introduced a quartet of amazing, modified Mustangs, one of which is actually a car crafted by the CGS Motorsports. Every year, Ford gifts us with four or five fantastic tuned Mustangs and gives us a unique opportunity to see just how differently tuners approach the tuning of these cars. California-based CGS Motorsports focused on power and performance upgrades and simplistic interior mods. While we are still waiting for the interior shots, the sketch of the exterior shows admirable modifications and transformation of the 2018 Ford Mustang GT fastback into a proper street racer.


2018 Ford Mustang GT by CGS Motorsports
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Clean looks seem to be a CGS Motorsports signature feature.

CGS is known for shaping its work in a way that even appeals to those who look for something not only impressive but sophisticated as well.

Apart from the massive 22-inch Savini wheels, exterior highlights include a custom-built TS Designs wide-body kit. Obviously, it widens the ‘Stang at all the right places and encloses those massive wheels in fenders that actually fit it. Yet, the custom Axalta finish mixed by Andy Meeh of Flying Iron Designs hides a number of other seriously badass features.
First of all, the Air Designs provided hood vents and a rear spoiler that increase the wow factor, but, apparently, improve engine cooling and downforce as well. I don’t know by how much, mind you.

I do know, however, that you will be able to enjoy all of that along with Diode Dynamics LED lightning and even under car LED lights. Not that I am thrilled with undercar lights, but it is the thing here, so be it.


2018 Ford Mustang High Resolution Interior
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Note: Standard Ford Mustang pictured here.

We all know that the Mustang could and should be a tiny bit more luxurious inside.

Not by much, mind you, because it would lose that “I am for all y’all” character, but a bit of leather and slightly softer materials would do wonders. It seems that CGS listened to me. At least a bit as it actually signed a deal with Alea Leather company in order to get some nice Napa leather inside. Well, Ford, let me correct you here. It is Nappa Leather, not Napa leather. Not a big deal, though.

The big deal, however, is the addition of Diode Dynamics LED lighting inside. This should create a whole different experience on the inside, comfortably changing the ambiance into something that complements the rabid character of the CGS Motorsports Mustang.


2018 Ford Mustang GT by CGS Motorsports
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CGS Motorsport didn’t beat around the bush with this one. It went for the Mustang fastback GT with a 5.0-liter Ti-VCT and then started adding things to it.

The already a fast car, in this case, with a 6-speed manual transmission, got a Roush supercharger to massively increase the power.

The company did not say by how much, but expect 600+ horsepower out this one. The new Cat-back exhaust was the only sensible option on this one too. With carbon fiber tips, mind you. Carbon fiber can be found inside as well. CGS replaced the old knob with a carbon-fiber one. Just for good measure.

The package wouldn’t actually work without suspension tweaks and brake upgrades. In this case, the Ford Performance spring kit and sway bar improve the behavior of the suspension while massive Brembo brakes with 410-millimeter rotors hugged by six-piston calipers provide exceptional stopping power. Obviously, this is a runner....and a stopper


2018 Ford Mustang GT by CGS Motorsports
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Every year we get a number of tuned up Mustang cars at the SEMA show. This time around the one from the CGS Motorsports feels like the most impressive one to me. It has all the right ingredients to be as flashy as possible, but the nice grey finish and decadent details hide its wide-body kit and massive wheels. Yes, you can see them still, but just imagine if this Mustang sported a red or yellow paint finish. That would be too much.

I feel it complements the Ford SEMA show debuts rather well.

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2018 Ford Mustang High Resolution Exterior
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CGS Motorsports Mustang GT: Making sinister more tasteful

CGS Motorsports brings tasteful modifications to a 2018 Mustang GT with this clean interpretation of modern muscle. Large 410-millimeter rotors combine with six-piston Brembo calipers to deliver the stopping power necessary to properly tame this vicious steed. Nighttime driving in this supercharged Mustang is a well-illuminated affair thanks to unique LED lighting from a complete conversion by Diode Dynamics to Rigid undercar lighting. Everyone from night owls to track rats can prowl or stalk tracks in this stylishly sinister Mustang.

Base vehicle

2018 Mustang GT fastback
5.0-liter Ti-VCT V8 engine
6-speed manual transmission

Ford Performance/Roush supercharger
Ford Performance cat-back exhaust with carbon fiber tips
Ford Performance carbon fiber shift knob

Ford Performance spring kit and sway bar
Six-piston fixed Brembo calipers with 410-millimeter rotors
Wheels and tires

Savini forged wheels, 22 x 9.5 inches front, 22 x 13 inches rear
Pirelli P-Zero tires, 255/30/ZR-22 front, 335/35/ZR-22 rear

Custom TS Designs wide-body kit
Air Design hood vents and rear spoiler
Custom Axalta paint by Andy Meeh of Flying Iron Designs
Diode Dynamics LED lighting
Rigid undercar LED lighting

Napa leather interior by Alea Leather
Diode Dynamics LED lighting

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