Fans of the Golden Knights should be tripping over themselves to own this one-off creation

Ford is no stranger to auctioning one-off Mustangs for charity. The latest ‘Stang to get bestowed with the honor is a 2018 Mustang GT that’s been customized to wear the colors of the Las Vegas’ professional ice hockey team, the NHL’s Las Vegas Golden Knights. The one-off creation is up for bidding at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Sin City on September 29. All proceeds from the car’s sale will go directly to the Grant a Gift Autism Foundation.

What Makes The Ford Mustang GT Las Vegas Golden Knights Special?

2018 Ford Mustang GT Las Vegas Golden Knights
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Sports fans express their fandoms in different ways. If you’re a fan of the Las Vegas Golden Knights, there’s no more provocative way in expressing that than by buying this one-off Ford Mustang GT. The one-make status is special in it of itself. There’s no other Ford Mustang GT in the world that carries the details that this model has.

Let’s start with the aesthetics.

The Las Vegas Golden Knights Mustang is based on a Mustang GT with a Shadow Black paint finish.

Obviously, the black exterior paint is gone, repainted instead in a grey body paint with matching gold accents spread throughout the coupe’s body. The use of grey and gold on this Mustang GT is intentional, all because the two colors represent the colors of the Golden Knights. The team’s logo is also prominently displayed on the hood, as well as the doors where the words “Vegas Born” flank the logo.

2018 Ford Mustang GT Las Vegas Golden Knights
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As unique as this Mustang GT’s aesthetic identity, it also receives a number aerodynamic components from a handful of aftermarket companies.

Classic Design Concepts Outlaw, for example, is responsible for the one-off muscle car’s side rockers and upper and lower custom grilles. The Golden Knight ‘Stang also features a carbon fiber front splitter and rear spoiler, as well as a rear diffuser. All these components come by way of Anderson Composites. The muscle car even sits on a set of gold HRE FlowForm FF04 wheels wrapped in Michelin 4S tires.

Head straight for the car’s interior and you’ll see that the section benefits from its own upgrades, none more prominent than the new Ebony Black leather-wrapped Recaro sports seats. The rest of the interior is standard stock, though there are a few hints of the same gold trim element inside the car.

From a performance perspective, the Ford Mustang GT Las Vegas Golden Knights is powered by a 5.0-liter TI-VCT V-8 engine. Here’s where it gets interesting. This particular one-off Mustang GT is equipped with a custom gold-polished supercharger that helps increase the output of the standard V-8 engine to an incredible 775 horsepower. That’s 315 horsepower more than the standard Mustang GT’s 560-horsepower output. As they say in hockey, that’s a slap shot straight to the visor.

2018 Ford Mustang GT Las Vegas Golden Knights
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There’s nothing ordinary about the one-off Ford Mustang GT Las Vegas Golden Knights model. Perhaps the theme isn’t for everyone, but rest assured, it’s not going to have any shortage in interested bidders once it goes under the hammer this weekend at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Las Vegas.

The model is scheduled to go up for auction sometime around 3:00 p.m. local time, so you better have your bids in order.

Don’t be bashful about going overboard, too, because all proceeds from this specific sale will go directly to the Grant a Gift Autism Foundation.

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