Loads of personal nods and staggering amounts of power make for a lethal combination

This year’s SEMA Auto Show is expected to host some of the finest aftermarket vehicles of the year. That’s the typical run of the order when it comes to the world’s biggest tuner show. The Ford Mustang will undoubtedly be well-represented in the event, as is the case pretty much every year. This time, though, three custom-built, one-off Mustangs will be at SEMA, including this dandy of a build from Team Penske race car driver Austin Cindric and aftermarket tuner extraordinaire Tucci Hot Rods.

Together, the two parties worked to create what is arguably one of the most impressive Mustang builds we’ve seen in a while. It comes with important aesthetic and aerodynamic upgrades, some of which were created through non-traditional means. This Mustang also has an identity that it can call its own, thanks to several personal touches that were included to celebrate Cindric’s family roots in motor racing. Best of all, this Mustang packs the meanest engine upgrade program among the three one-off Mustangs. It’s the most powerful of the lot, and that says something considering that the other Mustangs that are included in MoneyLion’s “HEAR WE ROAR” sweepstakes are both packing 700 horsepower on their own. This one beats both, and it is awesome.


  • Gray paint finish with three-color body wrap
  • Carbon fiber aerodynamic pieces from Anderson Composites
  • Handmade exhaust and rear diffuser
  • 3D printed hood vents and side emblems
  • A set of Rotiform BUC wheels
Ep. 4: Austin Cindric, the Tuccis & Ford Performance Team Up | The Build Off Series

Watch MoneyLion driver Austin Cindric, car builder duo, Tucci Hot Rods, and Ford Performance team up to custom build a #Mustang GT. See it happen from start to finish in Ep. 4 of the #MustangBuildOff Series.

Posted by MoneyLion Racing on Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Of the three Ford Mustangs that are included in MoneyLion’s “HERE WE ROAR” sweepstakes, this one features the most subdued exterior. It doesn’t have the colors of Ryan Blaney and Larry Chen’s Mustang and it doesn’t have the unique aesthetic pinstripes of Joey Logano and Vaughn Gittin Jr’s ‘Stang. What it does have is substance and a lot of it. Visually, it’s dressed in a gray paint finish that combines with a three-color car wrap at the back, giving the muscle car a four-color finish. The aesthetic setup gives the Mustang a sporty and aggressive look that will be further boosted by the upgrades to the V-8 engine that’s sitting under its hood.

The design of Cindric’s Mustang wasn’t a happy accident, either.

The specific use of the colors is actually inspired by his grandfather, Jim Trueman, specifically the latter's IMSA race car, which he competed in back in the early 1980s.

As Dom Tucci of Tucci Hot Rods puts it: “We used the retro racing stripes featured on his grandfather’s IMSA sports car and seamlessly updated them to have a more modern look and feel.”

2019 Ford Mustang by Austin Cindric and Tucci Hot Rods
- image 866083

Of course, this Mustang isn’t just a throwback piece. It’s also equipped with a heavy dose of aerodynamic upgrades, including a steady diet of carbon fiber pieces from Anderson Composites. Notice the carbon fiber front splitter? That’s part of the package. The side skirts are also included, as is the deck lid panel. Oh, and that rear wing sitting ever-so-comfortably at the back? That’s carbon fiber, too. Even the Mustang’s front grille is made from carbon fiber. That tells you the lengths Cindric and Tucci Hot Rods went into making this particular Mustang a true one-of-a-kind piece.

Two other things make this Mustang stand out, even from its two one-of-one peers. The vents on the hood created by Dom Tucci Design and the side emblems are 3D printed.

The emblem, in particular, has personal meaning behind it, too. It’s described as a "legacy" emblem that pays homage to the Cindric, Tucci, and Ford families. Then there’s the custom side-exit exhaust and the rear diffuser. They’re not 3D printed, but they are handmade. Yep. Handmade.

Finally, the Cindric Mustang sits on a set of beautiful Rotiform BUC wheels. The blacked-out look of the wheels works very well with the overall aesthetic approach that Cindric and Tucci Hot Rods created. This, folks, is how you design the exterior of a one-of-one Mustang.

Austin Cindric reveals his custom Mustang with Tucci Hot Rod and Joey Logano | MoneyLion

Saturday at 9:30am EST join Austin Cindric and Tucci Hot Rods and guest MC Joey Logano as they reveal their custom 725HP #Mustang! And don’t forget to enter to win 1 of 3 Mustang GTs! #MoneyLion

Posted by MoneyLion Racing on Saturday, August 3, 2019


  • Custom shift boot created specifically by Bux Customs made to look like Austin Cindric’s grandfather’s racing gloves
  • Custom-painted dashboard
2019 Ford Mustang by Austin Cindric and Tucci Hot Rods
- image 866090

There are several things that are unique about Austin Cindric’s custom-built Ford Mustang. Some of these things can be found in the interior. Granted, it appears that the cabin of this Mustang retains its standard layout. The rear seats are still there and you don’t get the same racing elements and equipment that you can find in Blaney’s custom-built Mustang. Cindric’s Mustang was built for the open road, and it has an interior that’s designed as such.

We don’t get a clean look at the interior of this Mustang, but neither Cindric nor Tucci Hot Rods indicated that there were significant changes made to the cabin’s layout. That likely means that most of the features that came with the stock Mustang are still present in this one-off build.

That said, the aforementioned personal touches are present in the interior, most notably in the dashboard where Tucci motors custom-painted the whole thing to pay tribute to the Cindric family’s roots in motor racing.

It’s a similar treatment to what the tuner did to the Stang’s exterior with the three-color livery that acts as a hat tip to Cindric’s late grandfather. Tributes to the elder Cindric don’t just end there, either.

2019 Ford Mustang by Austin Cindric and Tucci Hot Rods
- image 866091

This Mustang receives a custom shift boot created specifically by Bux Customs and made to look like the racing gloves of Austin Cindric’s grandfather. The rest of the cabin is largely stock, but considering the super personal touches on the dashboard and the shift boot, there is a legacy element to this particular one-off Mustang that you won’t find in the two other Mustang creations spearheaded by Cindric’s Team Penske teammates.

I like the subdued nature of this build, in part because it makes the personalized tributes stand out more than they probably would have had their been more changes to the interior of the muscle car.


  • Hellion Turbo Twin Turbo kit
  • 725 horsepower
  • ISC coilovers
2019 Ford Mustang by Austin Cindric and Tucci Hot Rods
- image 866087

Austin Cindric’s custom-built, one-off Mustang packs more power than its two one-off peers. Maybe that’s all you need to know, right? Then again, that wouldn’t do justice to the kind of work that went into turning this Mustang into a 725-horsepower car. Yes, folks. Austin Cindric’s one-off build is the real deal.

So, how exactly did Cindric and Tucci Hot Rods pull off this feat? The short answer comes in the form of a Hellion Turbo Twin Turbo kit, a bolt-on system that requires no cutting or modifying the Mustang’s body or chassis. It doesn’t even require the relocation of any engine systems or accessories. This makes for easy installation, and the kit can even connect to the Stang’s factory H-pipe so all of it makes the muscle car street legal.

As for the contents of the kit, the Hellion Twin Turbo package comes with a pair of 62 mm precision turbos, two top-mounted stainless steel turbo headers, a pair of air filters (for the turbos), two 46 mm precision waste-gates, a front-mounted intercooler, two blow-off valves, a radiator fan shroud, an overfill coolant reservoir, coolant hoses, and all the required tubing, brackets, and hardware needs for the ‘Stang.

All told, the twin-turbo package is primarily responsible for increasing the output of the Mustang’s 5.0-liter turbocharged V-8 from the stock 460 horsepower to an impressive 725 horsepower.

No mention was made on the amount of extra torque the kit adds to the mix, but with the V-8 producing a stock 420 pound-feet of torque, there’s a reason to be optimistic that with the kit in place, the Stang’s torque numbers could go up to around 650 to 680 pound-fee of torque. That’s some gnarly stuff right there.

Even better, the Hellion kit is actually capable of squeezing more power out of the V-8 engine that the 725-horsepower output that Cindric and Tucci Hot Rods settled on. If you’re buying this kit for your personal Mustang GT’s, you can go balls-to-the-wall and dial up the V8 engine’s output to a whopping 1,200 horsepower. Boom-shaka-laka!

2019 Ford Mustang by Austin Cindric and Tucci Hot Rods
- image 866089

Outside of the turbo kit, the only other mechanical upgrade is the strengthening of the Mustang’s suspension through the addition of ISC coilovers. It doesn’t look or sound like much of an upgrade relative to the seismic increase in power coming out of that eight-banger, but you can imagine how much unrest and uneasy this Mustang is to drive without those new coilovers in place. Either way, the setup creates a resoundingly fast and supremely powerful, custom-built, one-off Ford Mustang.


2019 Ford Mustang by Austin Cindric and Tucci Hot Rods
- image 866088

No pricing details were given, and none will be given for this custom-built, one-off Ford Mustang. Just like the one-offs created by Cindric’s Team Penske teammates, Joey Logano and Ryan Blaney, this 725-horsepower Mustang is part of MoneyLion’s “HERE WE ROAR” sweepstakes. Should you be interested in winning Austin Cindric’s custom-built Mustang — or that of Loganos or Blaneys — you can go directly to MoneyLion’s dedicated website for the competition — https://buildoff.moneylion.com — and as long as you qualify for the sweepstakes, you can throw your name into the hat and let the lottery Gods decide your fate. There’s a big chance that you’ll come out of it empty-handed, but in the event that lady luck is smiling down on you, one of these one-off Mustangs could be yours.

Final Thoughts

2019 Ford Mustang by Austin Cindric and Tucci Hot Rods
- image 866082

This makes it three-for-three. I loved Ryan Blaney’s Ford Mustang. I loved Joey Logano’s Ford Mustang. Now, I love Austin Cindric’s Mustang, too. Truth be told, I can’t decide which of these one-offs I love the most. I’m a fan of the colorful visuals of Blaney’s Mustang. I like the easter-egg-like details of Logano’s Mustang.

But I also like the fact that Cindric’s Mustang packs the all-too-important one-two combination of style and performance. The nods to his grandfather are awesome, largely because they give this Mustang the kind of familial identity that the other two Mustangs don’t have. I also like that Cindric and Tucci Hot Rods didn’t just go by traditional tuning methods. They went out of the box by hand-making some parts and 3D-printing others. That shows the kind of creativity that went into creating this Mustang.

And of course, there’s that 725-horsepower V-8 engine. Who doesn’t love an engine upgrade program that can add almost 300 horsepower into the mix while still possessing enough flexibility to raise that figure north of four figures? I love it, folks.

In the event I somehow win MoneyLion’s “HEAR WE ROAR” sweepstakes, I’m going to have a tough time picking which of these three Mustangs I want the most. But if you ask me that question now, my answer would be Cindric’s Mustang. That could still change, but for, now, I think this is the best of the three custom-built, one-off Mustangs that are part of the competition.

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