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Ford has brought the Series 1 Mustang RTR Powered by Ford Performance to the 2018 SEMA show, but unlike most other special Mustangs on display, it’s actually going to sell 500 examples come early 2019. Its creation is the collaborative effort of Ford Performance and RTR Vehicles, the company owned by world champion drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr. and is a mix of elements from both.

What makes the Series 1 Mustang RTR special

2019 Series 1 Ford Mustang RTR Exterior
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According to Gittin, who is President and Chief Fun-Haver of RTR Vehicles, their “goal was to take the driving and owner experience of the iconic Ford Mustang to the next level. This collaboration has created a Mustang that offers smile-inducing street driving, diverse capability on the track, and a very distinctive owner experience for those looking to stand out from the crowd.”

What Ford is showing at SEMA is essentially the pack that will be fitted to all 500 examples that bear the RTR badge.

The only performance enhancing bit of the entire package is the Ford Performance suspension with adjustable sway bars, but pretty much everything else is purely cosmetic.

You’ll be able to spot one of these out on the street by its unique RTR-badged grille and the aero pack that includes new bumpers, side sills, bonnet, and a big spoiler at the back - the latter of which is actually the Performance Pack 1 spoiler with an RTR gurney flap. There’s also a unique graphics pack to further set it apart.

It also has a staggered wheel and tire package with 19 x 9.5-inch rims up front and 19 x 10-inch rims at the rear.

2019 Series 1 Ford Mustang RTR Exterior
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There are a lot of other RTR logos all around (and inside), including two on the front fenders, on the floor mats, the shift knob and the puddle lights, an RTR Powered by Ford Performance deck lid trim panel, a serialized dash plaque, illuminated RTR Powered by Ford Performance sill plates, and a certificate of authenticity.

Buyers will be able to opt for the RTR pack on any EcoBoost or GT Mustang, and it’s actually a dealer-fit pack that will become available for order early next year.

This pack won’t really please true driving enthusiasts, though, since it only marginally improves performance through the upgraded suspension and wheels. Some may prefer to spend the difference on actually making their Mustang genuinely faster by fitting it with an uprated rear differential, even more aggressive aftermarket suspension, or by giving it extra power.

2019 Series 1 Ford Mustang RTR Exterior
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The Series 1 Mustang RTR Powered by Ford Performance is therefore aimed at those who just want to look cool and know they’re driving a special edition car, but not so much take it to regular track days or similar venues.

The people who opt for this pack will be more than happy it is still fully covered by warranty - I won’t go so far as to call it a simple stickers and sunroof edition, but it’s really not far off; all show and only some extra cornering capability is not a recipe to get real enthusiasts fired up.

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