The ultimate Roush Mustang; more powerful than the Shelby GT500

The 2020 Ford Mustang Jack Roush Edition is a high-performance version of the sixth-generation Mustang designed by Roush Performance. Unveiled at the 2019 SEMA Show, the Jack Roush Edition is more than just another beefed-up Mustang. This special-edition model celebrates the legacy of its founder, Jack Roush, who was recently inducted in the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Although it’s not particularly more aggressive than other Roush-made Mustangs, the Jack Roush Edition is the most powerful vehicle created by the American firm. Rated at 775 horsepower, it packs more punch than iconic Mustang nameplates like the Shelby GT500 and the Shelby Super Snake. Let’s find out more about this powerful beast in the review below.

Ford Mustang Jack Roush Edition by Roush Performance Drivetrain

  • Supercharged V-8
  • TVS superchager
  • 775 horsepower
  • 670 pound-feet of torque
  • More powerful than the GT500
  • Enhanced cooling
  • Revised MagneRide suspension
  • Brembo brakes
  • Optional Competition Pack
2020 Ford Mustang Jack Roush Edition by Roush Performance Drivetrain
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Like many Roush-prepped Mustangs, the Jack Roush Edition comes with a supercharged, 5.0-liter V-8 engine under the hood. The engine features a Phase 3 upgrade, which includes a TVS R2650 supercharger available in other models as well, but the Jack Roush Edition is more powerful than its siblings.

The supercharged V-8 cranks out an impressive 775 horsepower and 670 pound-feet of torque, 65 horses more than the regular Roush Mustang fitted with the Stage 3 package.

The Jack Roush Edition is obviously more powerful than the standard Mustang GT and Shelby GT350, but it also packs more punch than the Shelby GT500. Also fitted with a supercharged V-8, the GT500 comes with 760 horsepower and 625 pound-feet on tap, 15 horses and 45 pound-feet less than the Jack Roush Edition.

There's only one Mustang that this Roush coupe can't touch: the Shelby Super Snake, which is rated at a whopping 800 horsepower.

Still, 775 horsepower are nothing to sneeze at.

2020 Ford Mustang Jack Roush Edition by Roush Performance Drivetrain
- image 870362

The Jack Roush Edition is just about brute horsepower. It also features an active exhaust with four selectable modes and a handful of drivetrain modifications for improved performance. The Roush Powertrain Cooling Package, for instance, adds larger low-temperature radiators and additional coolers for the engine, transmission, and differential. This bundle helps lower drivetrain temperature and improves track performance. The MageRide suspension, fitted as standard, was recalibrated with help from suspension specialist BWI for increased performance, while Brembo brakes replaced the standard units at all four corners.

Roush also offers an optional Competition Pack that adds unique, lightweight wheels made by Roush and Weld Racing. These come wrapped in Continental ExtremeContact DR racing slick tires that will allow the car to reach an incredible 1.14g on a skid pad. These tires are designed for track-use only. The package also includes the “Jack Pack” wheel and tire display along with an integrated track day-ready toolbox.

Ford Mustang Jack Roush Edition by Roush Performance Exterior

  • Roush-specific grille
  • Black front bumper trim
  • Big splitter
  • Vented engine hood
  • No bulge
  • Fender vents and badges
  • Black decals
  • Active rear wing
  • Sportier diffuser
  • Black rear fascia panel
left right

Roush-designed Mustangs don’t usually stray far off the production car’s looks.

The main body panels remain largely the same, with changes made only to features like the front grille, bumpers, engine hood, and trunk lid.

The Jack Roush Edition sports a similar design, despite the company’s effort to sell it as a more unique model. But that’s by no means bad. The Jack Roush Edition comes with enough unique features to stand out and it’s a notable upgrade to the regular Mustang.

Up front we can see the typical Roush grille between the headlamps. It features thin horizontal bars instead of the Mustang’s fine mesh and a U.S. flag badge on the right. The bumper features black triangular side vents below the turn signals, while the lower section is finished in black for a strong contrast with the rest of the fascia. There’s white "Roush" lettering in the lower center vent and, more importantly, a large splitter at the bottom. The tri-bar vents on the engine hood round off the customized front end.

left right

Onto the sides, we can spot three important changes. Firstly, the Jack Roush Edition features tri-bar vents and Roush badges on the front fenders. Secondly, the side skirts are sportier than the standard Mustang’s. Thirdly, the coupe rides on new forged wheels wrapped in Continental ExtremeContact Sport tires.

You'll also notice black stripes running just above the side skirts, but these might not be very visible on darker paints.

The same goes for the American flag decals on the rear fenders.

The rear end is again very similar to the standard Mustang, but it sports a handful of features that make it stand out.

The active carbon fiber wing is the most important upgrade, and it was developed specifically for this model.

This wing is adjustable and changes its position depending on speed and how you drive the car in order to increase downforce. Below, a black panel fascia with "Roush" lettering replaces the standard Mustang’s panel. Finally, Roush revised the diffuser so that it works better with the active wing.

2020 Ford Mustang Jack Roush Edition by Roush Performance Exterior
- image 870355

Overall, the Jack Roush Edition looks like a track-ready Mustang, but it’s not as aggressive as the Shelby GT500. It’s somewhat of a sleeper, which is okay if you’re into that type of design.

Ford Mustang Jack Roush Edition by Roush Performance Interior

  • Leather and suede upholstery
  • Suede steering wheel
  • Carbon-look inserts
  • Custom floor mats
  • Branded footrest
  • Sports pedals
2020 Ford Mustang Jack Roush Edition by Roush Performance Interior
- image 870346
The Jack Roush Edition is obviously a slightly fancier version of the regular Mustang.

The most important upgrade is the upholstery, which is now made from premium black leather with red stitching and red suede seating surfaces for the seats.

The steering wheel is also covered in suede for better grip. It also features red stitching and a red stripe in the 12 o’clock position. The dashboard features carbon-look panels, while the floor mats and footrest are branded with the "Roush" lettering. The standard pedals were replaced with sporty, stainless steel Roush pedals.


2020 Ford Mustang Jack Roush Edition by Roush Performance Exterior
- image 870351
Pricing information is not yet available, but the Jack Roush Edition should be more expensive than the Stage 3 Mustang.

Roush will build only 60 units - 50 will be sold in the U.S. and 10 on markets abroad. With the Stage 3 Mustang package priced at $21,925, the Jack Roush Edition treatment alone will probably cost at least $30,000. Add in the $35,630 starting price of the Mustang GT base car and you can expect the Jack Roush Edition to fetch at least $65,000 before options - at least $5,000 more than the Shelby GT350 but still some $7,000 more affordable than the Shelby GT500.

Final Thoughts

2020 Ford Mustang Jack Roush Edition by Roush Performance Exterior
- image 870343

Roush Performance has created some really cool Mustangs in recent years, but the Jack Roush Edition makes most of them seem dull. The extra details inside and out and the beefed-up supercharger and cooling system turn this limited-edition Roush Mustang into a solid competitor for the Shelby GT500 and a muscle car that will give the Shelby Super Snake a run for its money. And it’s not awfully expensive given the extra features, the 775-horsepower rating, and the race-ready drivetrain upgrades.

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    • Shelby Super Snake brings more power
    • Extremely limited production
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