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It’s our first look at how Ford is opening the GT to all sorts of aesthetic possibilities

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Ford Performance, in collaboration with Ford GT manufacturer Multimatic, has released the first Ford GT Studio Collection model, and it is a stunner. Dressed in a black paint finish with an orange racing stripe and matching accents all around, this Ford GT is the first of 40 Studio Collection variants that Ford will build over the next two years of the supercar’s production. A total of 20 units will be unveiled this year, and each unit will have an exclusive look that highlights the highly personalized nature of the Ford supercar. The Blue Oval hasn’t revealed how much each model of the Ford GT Studio Collection costs, but given the exclusivity of each unit, don’t be surprised if the cost of owning one far exceeds the GT’s $500,000 sticker price.

What’s so unique about the Ford GT Studio Collection?

2021 Ford GT Studio Collection Wallpaper quality Exterior
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Consider the Ford GT Studio Collection as a way for GT owners to express themselves through their supercars. The highly personalized nature of the GT Studio Collection is its main calling card, manifested mainly through an all-new graphics package from Ford Performance and Multimatic. The package includes exclusive body colors, racing stripes, trims, accents, and everything in between.

How does the first model from the GT Studio Collection look?

2021 Ford GT Studio Collection Exterior
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The Shadow Black paint on this GT and the bold Competition Orange racing stripe that runs the length of the body make the supercar look more menacing than it already is. The solid stripe option, in particular, is a fresh alternative to the twin-stripe look that you can see on the standard GT. The accents don’t just end there, either. Matching trim on the front wheel arches and the mind-engine intakes add more personalized touches on the exotic. It’s a different look from what we’ve gotten used to with the Ford GT, but it’s par for the course with the GT Studio Collection.

Are there engine upgrades included in the Ford GT Studio Collection?

2021 Ford GT Studio Collection Wallpaper quality Exterior
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There are no engine upgrades included in the Ford GT Studio Collection. The highly personalized supercar is still powered by the same 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged Ecoboost V-6 engine. The good news is that all GT Studio Collection models, by virtue of being 21MY and 22MY units, come with an output of 660 horsepower. That’s an increase of 13 horsepower from the output (647 horsepower) of earlier versions — 2017MY to 2019MY — of the exotic. Torque, on the other hand, has held steady at 550 pound-feet. Performance figures have also remained the same; the GT can clock a 0-to-60 mph time of three seconds and hit a top speed of 216 mph.

2021 Ford GT Studio Collection Graphics Package specifications
Engine twin-turbo 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6
Horsepower 660 HP
Torque 550 LB-FT
0 to 60 mph 3 seconds
Top Speed 216 mph

Final Thoughts

2021 Ford GT Studio Collection Wallpaper quality Exterior
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The Ford GT Studio Collection could go down as the most exclusive special edition versions of the American supercar. Ford Performance and Multimatic are creating 40 GT Studio Collection models, with each model coming in a different look. That’s the appeal of this collaboration; customers have more say on the presentation of their precious rides. That opens the door to a lot of differentiation when it comes to how each Ford GT that’s a part of the Studio Collection will look when they’re revealed. It’s an all-black Ford GT with orange stripes and accents now. Who knows what’s coming next.

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Source: Facebookn - Multimatic Motorsports

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