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2021 Ford GT40 Electric by Superformance and Everrati

Everrati is to electrify yet another legend. A true Le Mans supercar from the 60s.

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Founded in 2019 by Justin Lunny, Everrati as a company specializes in converting iconic vintage cars into electric cars. It is riding the wave of the current EV revolution where people certainly want to go electric, but at the same time don’t want to give up on some of the most timeless shapes from Automotive history. Everrati and countless other startups are addressing this demand for Resto-modding.

With the latest project, the company wants to work on one of the most iconic cars in Motor Racing, the Ford GT40, or more accurately, a perfect replica of the original. Drivers like Bruce McLaren who raced the Ford GT40 car back in the day, ought to wonder what has happened to their beloved eight-cylinder racer in 2021.


2021 Ford GT40 Electric by Superformance and Everrati Exterior
- image 1004087
After working their magic on the Porsche 911, which was showcased at Goodwood earlier this month

Everrati already offers electric conversions for the Porsche 964, the Land Rover Series IIA, and the Mercedes SL W113, more famously known as the Pagoda. The basis for this particular conversion is a licensed replica Ford GT40 from Superformance, a company based in California which also gave us the Mk III Cobra, which is the only manufacturer licensed by Carroll Shelby Inc.

The American company licenses rolling platforms that can be assembled with vintage engines or more modern blocks. It has experience working on Ford, Shelby, General Motors, and SAFIR GT40 models for what are called "Continuation" vehicles, i.e. recreated when production has been stopped.

The Superperformance GT40

2021 Ford GT40 Electric by Superformance and Everrati Exterior
- image 1004081
Well, not a real one, but a Replica of the GT40, courtesy of Superperformance from California
As with the 964, the small British manufacturer intends to maintain the character of the original car.

The car you see here is visually identical to the one that won the24 Hours of Le Mans several times back in the 1960s. In fact, the model is completely new and carries the silhouette from the ’60s, however, the oily bits have now been replaced with a high-tech EV drivetrain. Inside, details reminiscent of the original like the riveted seats along with modern touches like air-con are present.

"This is the perfect partnership," says Justin Lunny, Everrati's founder, and CEO. "The marriage of these chassis with our electric powertrains and precision engineering will improve performance while retaining the essence and soul of the original vehicle," he says in a statement.


2021 Ford GT40 Electric by Superformance and Everrati Exterior
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Most Purists would almost immediately cry out; Scandal, at the very thought of swapping out the GT40s V-8 heart for electric power. Mercifully, it isn’t an actual GT40, but just a replica. Regardless, both Everrati & Superperformance are trying their very best to retain the driving characteristics of the icon. Particular attention was paid to the location and installation of the batteries for better weight distribution. This alone would have been a challenge in itself.

The Superperformance GT40 will get more power than the original, thanks to 800 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque from its 700-volt dual motors and a claimed 0 to 60 mph time of under 4 seconds. The 46 kWh battery, which is actually quite small, should keep the weight down and give the car a range of over 125 miles. You can recharge using AC or DC fast charging. As for the ride, the car comes with Bilstein coil-over shocks with HR springs. For stopping power, all four corners come with ventilated discs and Wilwood calipers.

Superperformance GT40 specifications
Powertrain 700-volt dual motors
Power 800 HP
Torque 590 LB-FT
0 to 60 mph 4 seconds
Battery pack 46 kWh
Range 125 miles


2021 Ford GT40 Electric by Superformance and Everrati Interior
- image 1004083
On the inside, just as with the original, you’ll find details like the riveted seats with modern amenities like air-con

No price or delivery date has been announced yet, however, both companies intend to have a prototype on the road very soon. Although considering Everrati’s Porsche is priced at $400,000, we expect the GT40 to be priced higher.


2021 Ford GT40 Electric by Superformance and Everrati Exterior
- image 1004085
Details about the car remain scarce, you can however pre order the Super Performance GT40

Development work has already begun at Everrati’s facility in Upper Heyford, a former U.S. base in Oxfordshire, UK and we will update this article in due course as more information becomes available. For now, you can register to pre-order the Superperformance GT-40.

Source: Everrati

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