You could look all the way back to 1901 and find the Ford name on an automotive company – it was then that Henry Ford launched the Henry Ford Company that became Cadillac less than a year later. In 1903, the Ford Motor Company was launched, and it was, ironically, funded by John and Horace Dodge – the two that eventually started Dodge. While this is a little strange, the Ford Motor Company has survived more than 100 years and is, as of 2015, the fifth largest automaker in the world. Ford is based out of Dearborn Michigan and sells a variety of models from the performance-oriented Mustang and GT to a long list of SUVs and Pickups. The cheapest new Ford available today is the $14,260 Fiesta, while the Ford GT comes in at the most expensive, commanding close to, if not more than $500,000.