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Ford replaces GM as number one sales leader in Canada

Ford replaces GM as number one sales leader in Canada

For the longest time, General Motors was the undisputed champion in car sales in Canada among American manufacturers. It seemed that GM’s invincibility north of the border would never go challenged, that is until Ford turned the tables on the perennial powerhouse in June.

Ford rose to the top of the June monthly sales in Canada with 27,408 cars sold in June, supplanting General Motors on the top of the list for the first time in 50 years. Ford’s total sales are a little over 5,000 more than GM, which sold 22,334 cars. Ford’s surprising surge to the top was in large part caused by the high demand for locally-manufactured Ford vehicles including the Crown Victoria, the Grand Marquis and theLincoln Town Car. The Crown Victoria’s high demand among Canadians stems from the fact that these cars are widely used as fleets of taxi cabs and police cruisers all over the country.

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