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No Further Punishments Handed To Ferrari

No Further Punishments Handed To Ferrari

Ferrari needs to thank its lucky stars after a meeting with the FIA World Motor Sport Council today in Paris. The meeting was held to discuss whether Ferrari should face further punishments after team orders allowed Fernando Alonso to overtake Felipe Massa.

The team was already fined $100,000 for the incident, but no further sanctions would be imposed on the Italian race team. Did you expect anything less? Ferrari is obviously very important to Formula One and we never expected them to be forced to sit out a race, especially with Monza, a home race for the team, coming up next week.

Ferrari claimed that Massa decided to move over and allow Alonso by, even though the radio transmission, stating that Alonso was faster and if he understood the message was quite clear. Ferrari engineer Rob Smedley apologized to Massa after he lost the lead. We can’t image how that could have been taken as anything, but team orders.

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