If you ask us the new BMW M5 is one of the few cars that needs no updates, but it seems the German tuner G-Power does not agree. They have started to update the new BMW M5 sports sedan and of course that they have started with a Stage I upgrade that will increase the power up to a total of 640 HP.

The package includes a G-Power Bi-Tronik III that will increase the power from the standard 560 HP to a total of 640 HP and 573 lbs-ft of torque. As a result the sprint from 0 to 60 mph will be made in 3,9 seconds and to 124 mph in 11,9 seconds.

Of course no changes have been made for the exterior, but the tuner opted to add a new set of 21" alloy wheels plus a new coil-over suspension, stainless steel sport rear muffler and a new Ceramic brake system completed by brake pads with a larger pad area, higher friction rate as well as metal-coated brake lines.

UPDATE 03/01/2012: G-Power has unveiled full details and new images on their upgrade package for the BMW M5. The upgraded BMW M5 is capable of hitting a top speed of 195 mph, but G-Power has promised that the next step would be an 800 HP version.

Prices for the different accessories are as follows: the wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport tires (265/30 ZR 21 and 305/25 ZR 21) is 8,325,00 € (or about $11,200 at the current rates), the G-POWER coil-over suspension GM5-RS is 2,179.00 € ($2,930), and the G-POWER Ceramic braking system is 14,460.50 € ($19,400) for the front axle and 11,778.15 € ($15,850) for the rear axle. The output increase with the help of the G-POWER BI-TRONIK III is 3,920,17,00 € ($5,270), including the individual adjustment of to the specific customer car.

  • 2012 BMW M5 by G-Power
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  • Horsepower @ RPM:
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  • 0-60 time:
    3.9 sec.
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  (415) posted on 06.28.2012

G-Power really made it well on M5. With its new aggressive and sporty stance, no

  (429) posted on 05.18.2012

I am with G-Power on thinking to upgrade this one because sooner or later, its previous engine will deteriorate already.

  (474) posted on 05.15.2012

650 horsepower is already high for this type of a car. It also gives off a great amount of torque. Those facts are the reason why it’s enough for me, except it’s counterattacked by its sense of fashion.

  (428) posted on 03.29.2012

G-Power wasn’t contented with it. And to be honest, I wasn’t satisfied with G-Power’s tuning either. Why didn’t they at least upgrade it to exceed its competitions rather its only self?

  (467) posted on 03.8.2012

That isn’t beyond the limit of today’s usual upgrades. If they planned to have an update, at least they should make it better than its competitors too.

  (296) posted on 03.7.2012

No, I beg to differ. I think the upgrade was necessary since it’s lagging behind. Now that it’s upgraded, it is on par with other cars out there who can run 0-60 at the same interval.

  (517) posted on 03.5.2012

Whoa that was really fast. Just when I thought this was already at its best, they’re planning to make it even better? Amazing.

  (337) posted on 03.2.2012

Great, another rare image from TopSpeed has revealed. Good to know that it has a maximum speed of 195 MPH. 

  (596) posted on 03.1.2012

Of course car manufacturers are never contented, nevertheless, I’m impressed because they have successfully enhanced it. Larger pads for the brake and higher friction rate means a greater reassurance of safety too.

  (378) posted on 03.1.2012

It’s already cool and playing good drive on the grounds. Why do they have to upgrade it? To create super speeds. 

  (321) posted on 02.20.2012

Wow, it seems that G-Power is not giving up for producing more power and more abilities for a car. Imagine that they are still planning to upgrade a standard 560hp to 640HP. Well, I think that this is the best, and they are doing a great deal.

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