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Geely GE11

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2019 Geely GE11

2019 Geely GE11

Chinese car making giant Geely has been on the upswing in recent years, especially since it acquired renowned Swedish carmaker Volvo. Now the automaker’s offerings are becoming increasingly credible not just for the local Chinese market, but for a global market as well. Now, it’s now set to test international waters with an all-new compact electric vehicle called GE11. Revealed during a special event held in Shanghai a few days before the 2019 Geneva motor show started, the vehicle has been deemed quite convincing by the motoring journalism scene thanks to its mix of style and tech. In its current form (a pre-production prototype), it is actually one of the most aerodynamic cars in the world, but on top of that, it also looks good enough to come to Europe (both inside and out,) and it has decent credentials to back everything up.

Unlike most of Geely’s offerings, the GE11 was designed from the start with an international market in mind, and this is clearly reflected in its chic European-inspired looks and capability. Not all beans on the GE11 have been spilled, though, and we’re still waiting on official range, battery pack, and price information because these are crucial for us to gauge is future success or failure.

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