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2010 Geely IG

2010 Geely IG

Geely may not sound too familiar to you, but its intentions of becoming an important player in the automotive world were pretty clear after has bought Volvo from Ford.

Now, the company wants to build the world’s cheapest car, a title that until now was carried by the Tata Nano. Moreover, the Geely plans to make its small city car significantly more efficient than its Indian rival, by throwing electric technologies into the mix.

The new car is named the IG (which stands for Intelligent Geely) and was received with opened arms by the public when made its big debut at Beijing in 2010.

The company said that the IG will have a starting price of only $2500 and it will be of better quality than the bare-bones Nano.

The electric model will be available since 2014 or 2015, featuring a lithium ion battery, an 80bhp/133lb ft electric motor and an estimated range of 93 miles. Additionally, the IG will be also offered with a conventional engine, which comes with 70 hp on tap.

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