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2014 Geely Emgrand 8

2014 Geely Emgrand 8

The Chinese market loves large cars with massive back seats that make it comfortable to be driven around in. Geely caters to the market well with the Emgrand 8, a full-size car that focuses on comfort and quality. The car is about the same size as the U.S. Market Toyota Avalon and it trades in performance for luxury and space, while still retaining the incredibly low price that Geely is so good at offering.

The car is available with two engine and three transmission choices, and it is priced below any competitor it would have in the category in the U.S. That said, the car is underpowered and unlikely to meet current crash regulations, so entry into North America could prove to be very difficult for the Chinese car.

Should Geely look to modify the Emgrand 8 and bring it Stateside? Can it compete with Toyota, Honda and Volkswagen? Check out all the details and more photos of the car after the break, and be sure to hit those comments and give us your thoughts.

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Geely Pulls Out of Fisker Bidding, Leaving Only One Suitor

Fisker is in some serious trouble, as disagreements between management and its founder resulted in Henrik Fisker to step down from his position. Fiskers only real hope at this point is to find a buyer or a strategic partner to help alleviate its financial issues. For a long time, Geely – Volvo’s owner – would end up being the high bidder, mostly due to their interest in Fisker’s Delaware assembly plant. According to a report from Reuters, Geely has pulled out of the bidding process because of the DOE loan conditions.

This leaves only one bidder in the running for Fisker and that bidder is China-owned Dongfeng Motor Group Co. It is unclear at this time whether Fisker will automatically accept Dongfeng’s offer, but at this point, that look like the only real option. Depending on the terms of a potential deal, this could result in Fisker becoming partially owned by China – creepy…

Regardless of how things pan out, we really want to see Fisker survive all of this. We’ll continue to keep you updated.

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