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2014 Geely Emgrand X7

2014 Geely Emgrand X7

The Geely Emgrand EX7 first made its debut in 2007, and it is currently the Emgrand brand’s only SUV offering. With a standard layout of four doors, two rows and seating for five, the Emgrand X7 fills an important role in the Chinese brand’s portfolio and presence in the marketplace. The X7 debuted with a smaller-displacement 1.8-liter motor, but preparation for entry into new markets and buyer demand has seen the company introduce a pair of larger and more powerful motors to the lineup.

Geely Automotive is one of the largest automotive manufactures in China. Under its umbrella you will find a handful of brands from Embrand, Englon, Gleagle and even the Swedish maker Volvo. Of the various brands that the company sells in its homeland, the Emgrand badge is one of the more prestigious. Word has it that Geely is looking to move the brand over to new markets, including North America, and its best weapon wears the badge X7.

The Emgrand X7 is a small family crossover in the same vein as the Mistubishi Outlander Sport and Subaru XV Crosstrek. The car has plenty of advanced safety features, a design from the legendary Giugiaro, and a competitive drivetrain.

Is this the car that will put Chinese brands on the radar of American buyers?

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