• 2005 Gemballa 750 Aero
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Do you think that the Porsche Cayenne is a mean looking fast car? Well, after you see the Gemballa 750GT Aero the Cayenne will seem a granny`s car.

The German tuning house, Gemballa, created this extremely insane package of upgrades for the Porsche Cayenne, in an attempt to blaze the ultimate upgrade path among tuners of the tram-sized SUV. The 750 GT Aero package is the highest level among several tiers of upgrades the company offers for the Cayenne, with engine mods alone boosting horespower to a staggering 750, with enough torque to pull a granite outcropping down from Mt. Zugspitze (825 lbs/ft). The list of additions includes track-worthy brakes and suspension, plus a tasteful body kit, interior finishing and a multimedia system. In all, the package makes the bus perform like a supercar half its size.

The colour that define this model are black and orange. Black for elegance and orange for sportiness. But the sporty look of this monster is for me like dressing Bud Spencer in a tight spandex suit.

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  (342) posted on 08.22.2011

It is the only face lifted car and SUV of Gemballa. As far as I know, it is the first production car of Gemballa, and I doubt if it made a big market sale. If ever it is(made a big sale), why they ended its production?

  (1) posted on 05.8.2007

beautiful looking beast...who makes the wheels?

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