Is it even possible to improve on premium sports cars like the 650 hp GEMBALLA GTR 650 Avalanche, based on the Porsche 997 Carrera? You bet it is, because Porsche conversion specialist GEMBALLA in Leonberg, Germany has raised the bar for this ultimate 2006 dream car by giving it an exclusive special paint job in »Blood Orange«. One of the many highlights of the GEMBALLA GTR 650 Avalanche evo orange-black, in addition to the exterior color scheme and the extravagant interior, is the 20 inch matte-black racing wheels, featuring Michelin tires sized 235/30 ZR 20 (front) and 325/25 ZR 20 (rear).

  • 2006 Gemballa GTR 650 Avalanche Evo
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  • Top Speed:
    208 mph
Just as exclusive and unique as the driving performance is the exquisite interior of the Evo, designed completely in black and orange. The ceiling lining, the dashboard and the door coverings are all upholstered in finest Alcantara, also in the black-orange color combination. The foot mats and carpet are also integrated into the design theme. The orange-bordered instruments additionally make a particularly noble impression that harmonizes with the overall look. The purchaser can also request his or her initials in silver letters. The GEMBALLA sport steering wheel is also two-color, and the pedals are made of light aluminum. The start console is equipped with an engine-start button as well as a load and oil pressure display.

In comparison with the GTR 650 Avalanche, the engine of the Evo model needed no further improvement. The 3.6 liter Biturbo engine boasts 650 hp and impressive torque of 604 lbs-ft, already available to the driver at 4800 RPM. In comparison, the basic model Porsche 997 achieves maximum torque of 295 lbs-ft at 4600 RPM. The sprint qualities of the GTR 650 Avalanche are in a class all their own. Thanks also to the short throw sport shifter and the special racing transmission, the 124 mph mark is hit in only 11.2 seconds. And any remaining doubt is left in the dust by the top speed: Acceleration of the GEMBALLA-Porsche stops at 208 mph, with the GTR EVO rear spoiler developing the optimum negative lift in the process.

A titanium connecting rod, an intake system specially developed by GEMBALLA, three intercoolers and a special turbo configuration ensure the durability of the engine. The Evo features an appropriately sized and constructed suspension and racing brakes. The specially calibrated racing suspension is equipped with reinforced axles and a set of stabilizers. On the front axle, stopping is accomplished by eight-piston saddles and 380 mm perforated disks, while the rear axle features four-piston saddles and 345 mm disks.

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Hello, I am interested in buying, and would like to know the details and price of this car. Thank you.

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