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Ford is Hatin' on GM's Nine-Speed Automatic; Says It's Too Inefficient and Too Expensive to Adapt

Ford is Hatin’ on GM’s Nine-Speed Automatic; Says It’s Too Inefficient and Too Expensive to Adapt

No love lost between two bitter rivals

Five years ago, Ford and GM entered in a partnership whereby the two U.S. auto behemoths would share a few newly developed transmissions, all in the name of greater efficiency and lower R&D costs. Now, it’s looking like Ford will take a different approach than originally outlined, adapting the GM gearbox to better suit its needs.

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GM Fired Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen Because Sales are Down and He Couldn't Keep Up With Audi, Mercedes, and BMW

GM Fired Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen Because Sales are Down and He Couldn’t Keep Up With Audi, Mercedes, and BMW

Former GM Canada president and managing director Steve Carlisle assumes the role de Nysschen leaves behind

In a move that nobody saw coming, Cadillac has let go of company president Johan de Nysschen after a four-year stint as the main decision-maker for the American automaker. Steve Carlisle, most recently the president and managing director of GM Canada, will step in to take de Nysschen’s place as Caddy’s new president, effective immediately.

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PSA Tie-In With GM will Likely End Part of its Relationship With BMW

PSA Tie-In With GM will Likely End Part of its Relationship With BMW

The web tying varying automakers to one another is a very complex, yet delicate thing. One strand heading the wrong direction can cause an automaker to break off another connection, and we see it every day. One prime example was when AMG hacked off its advertising ties with Ducati just because Audi bought the company. Really, what do motorcycles have to do with your competing with Audi in the automobile realm?

Well, we have another bit of info to pass on in regards to one partnership killing another. Recently PSA, the parent company of Peugeot and Citroen, increased its stake in a partnership with GM affiliate, Opel, to develop four vehicle platforms together. This leads BMW to believe that PSA will not have the ability to fulfill its partnership duties in reference to BMW’s developing Hybrid platform.

A BMW spokesperson said “We are discussing conditions for the exit of PSA but we will not make any payments,” in an interview with Reuters. In addition, PSA has accepted the fact that this new relationship with GM will force it to “change the conditions” in its partnership with BMW. This likely means that BMW will buy-out PSAs share of the investment in the project and take development into its own hands.

This will not, however, affect the other relationships that BMW and PSA have going on. The largest of these relationships is the partnership between the two to build the MINI Cooper’s engine.

We’ll keep an eye on what’s going on with this development and let you know if anything else pops up. For now, this seems like a pretty open-and-shut case.

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No more V8 engine for GM's luxury cars

No more V8 engine for GM’s luxury cars

A year ago, in January 2007, GM announced they will invest $300 million in its Tonawanda, N.Y., engine plant for the new V-8 engine, which was scheduled to start production in 2009 and be used in luxury cars. Well, was! Because GM has just announced they will cancel plans to build a new advanced double overhead-cam V-8 for its luxury cars.

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