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2012 Genty Akylone

2012 Genty Akylone

A new supercar was recently revealed Genty Automobile and it true to its boastful teasers, the car, called the Akylone, is promising a whole lot of performance capabilities.

Whether it lives up to its promise or not is still a matter of conjecture.

Genty Automobile is an independent French design company that seeks to produce high performance vehicles that go back to the basics of optimum power encased in a lightweight design. Their first offering is the Akylone, a supercar Genty is claiming to be a serious threat in the industry’s uber-competitive "supercar arms-race".

Despite being officially revealed, the Akylone appears to still be far from a finished product, which is a real bummer considering that we were expecting much more than just CAD renderings.

Nevertheless, new supercars are always worth their time on these pages, and it’s going to be very interesting how Genty follows up their official unveiling of the Akylone. Hopefully, we’ll get to see a live one up close real soon.

Updated 10/18/2011: This review has been updated with the official details, specs and images. Find out more about the Genty Akylone after the jump.

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