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2011 Ginetta F400

2011 Ginetta F400

If you’ve ever heard of Ginetta Cars and they’re flagship supercar, the F400, then you need to pat yourself on the back for actually knowing the story behind this British supercar.

The name ’F400’ actually wasn’t the car’s first name. Matter of fact, Ginetta actually didn’t build the car, either. That distinction belongs to Farboud, which conceived, designed, and developed the car back in 2002 as the GTS. But for one reason or another, the Farboud GTS project never got off the ground and in March of 2010, the rights to the brand and the car were officially sold to Ginetta.

With a new supercar in tow, all Ginetta had to do was re-badge the GTS to the F400 and thus, their newest supercar was born.

For all of its backstory, the F400 still remains a largely unnoticed supercar. But in the year that has passed since Ginetta acquired Farboud and the GTS, the only way for the F400 to go is up.

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