• 2002 GMC Terra4

Terra4’s unconventional package - a totally integrated design and closed body, with a short, deep cargo area - permits greater functionality and utility than a pickup truck. Doors on the rear quarter panels allow easy access to the closed cargo area. The passenger cab is moved up and forward, creating interior cargo space behind the second row seats.

The four-door truck also is loaded with features that would exceed the expectations of the most demanding customers. The concept vehicle combines the fuel efficiency and power-on-the-go capabilities of a parallel hybrid V-8 engine with the car-like maneuverability of GM’s exclusive four-wheel-steering.

Terra4’s powertrain is derived from GM’s innovative Parallel Hybrid Truck, which brings together a 285hp, 5.3-liter VORTEC V-8 gasoline engine and a powerful electric motor/generator.A 4.8-kilowatt motor/generator is integrated into the drivetrain between the gasoline engine and the transmission. This provides starting power and the ability to generate electricity during deceleration. It also saves weight and parts because a conventional starter and alternator are no longer needed.

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  (453) posted on 02.17.2012

This vehicle looks a bit odd from its exterior. it would look much better if gets a little lower. I don’t like the set of wheels they used.

  (1332) posted on 03.21.2010

If you are a keen observer you’ll see that it is different from the other models of GMC. Obviously its because of its exterior.

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