The bold push from General Motors Corp. to reinvent the automobile, first revealed in the AUTOnomy and Hy-wire concept cars, became that much more real today with the unveiling of the GM Sequel.

  • 2005 GMC Sequel
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The technologies embodied in Sequel, such as fuel cells, by-wire and wheel hub motors, have developed so fast that GM has been able to double the range and halve the 0-60 mph acceleration time, compared to current fuel cell vehicles, in less than three years, according to Larry Burns, GM vice president of research and development and planning.

’’Three years ago, our chairman and CEO, Rick Wagoner, challenged us to completely rethink the automobile,’’ Burns said. ’’The Autonomy and Hy-wire concepts were the outgrowth of that challenge - a revolution in how vehicles would be designed, built and used in the future. But, they were concepts. Today, with Sequel, the vision is real - not yet affordable, but doable.’’

Sequel embodies GM’s vision of reinventing the automobile with a fusion of technologies that includes advanced materials, electronic controls, computer software and advanced propulsion. According to Burns, it’s an exclamation point for GM’s comprehensive global advanced technology strategy that is addressing efficiency and emissions, from today’s engine and transmission technology to hybrids and, eventually, fuel cells as the ultimate answer.

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