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    by Jeffrey N. Ross, on June 12, 2015, 16:00
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GMC Syclone - The 90s' Performance Truck That We Need Today!

GMC Syclone - The 90s’ Performance Truck That We Need Today!

This pickup truck was quicker than the then 911 Turbo and the Corvette ZR-1

Pickup trucks were always bareboned and were meant to be used as work vehicles. We saw a lot of performance, off-road trucks now, but there weren’t a lot of such options back in the day. Many automakers gave this a shot and no matter how good they were, they never made it big. One of the most prominent performance trucks from back in the day is the GMC Syclone.

The Syclone hit the automotive scene in 1991 and took everyone by surprise. Not a lot of people could fathom a truck that could take on, or probably even take down some of the most beloved supercars from that era. With performance specs that are impressive even three decades later, the GMC Syclone is the truck that the world needs today.

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2018 GMC Terrain – Driven

2018 GMC Terrain – Driven

Completely revised and ready for family life

Crossovers are all the rage these days, and that trend doesn’t look to be subsiding anytime soon. Automakers have to be on their A-game in this category – especially in the two-row mid-size category. It seems everybody and their grandma is trading their sedans for these high-riding wagons. As such, GMC has completely revamped its contender in the class, the Terrain. In fact, it’s all new for 2018, sharing no parts with the first generation model.

I recently spent a week living with this new second-generation family hauler. From shuttling the kiddo to and from school and bringing home the groceries to taking the wife on a hot date – the 2018 Terrain proved willing and able. My SLT tester slots above the SL and SLE trims, so it comes with plenty of standard features. It also slots under the swanky Denali trim, so it’s not completely loaded out. It seems the SLT trim makes a great middle ground, especially considering its $32,315 starting price. Naturally, GMC didn’t loan me an options-free model, so I had the opportunity to try the Terrain’s more upscale features. Here’s how it went.

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2017 GMC Granite

2017 GMC Granite

Thanks to a trademark filing earlier this month, there has been a lot of new talk about a production version of the 2010 GMC Granite Concept that originally debuted at the 2010 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. At the time, the Granite was seen as more of a hatchback competing against the likes of the Kia Soul and Honda Fit, but in the last year, the market for small crossovers has boomed, making such a model a perfect addition in the truck-heavy GMC lineup. General Motors has yet to actually confirm if the Granite will make it into production, but based on the latest trademark news and the amount of action in the subcompact crossover segment lately, there’s a pretty good bet that GMC is preparing to add its littlest model ever.

With that in mind, we imagined what a production version of the Granite Concept would look like, although there’s no telling if GMC would actually use the styling of that concept or just the name. Considering how popular the Chevrolet Trax and Buick Encore crossovers have been for GM since they went on sale, there’s a really good chance that the GMC Granite will ride on the same Gamma II platform as the Chevy and Buick.

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General Motors Trademarks "GMC Granite"

General Motors Trademarks "GMC Granite"

GMC really has no idea whether it wants to build a production version of its 2010 Granite Concept. However, it just keeps on extending the trademark. In fact, it’s extended it so many times that it just recently had to file for the trademark all over again.

After using up all five of its six-month extensions for the Granite trademark, General Motors had to reset the entire process and refile on May 26th, 2015. This constant renewing of the trademark means that this name must have some value to the brand, but the it remains unclear what the automaker plans to do with it.

For those who missed it, the Granite Concept was a C-segment crossover with suicide doors, a 1.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that likely produced around 150 horsepower, and a high-tech cabin filled with all sorts of gadgets to keep your average tech nerd plugged in.

Why GMC never actually produced this Fiat 500X, Jeep Renegade, and Mini Countryman competitor is likely because the market wasn’t quite ready for an SUV this size. Now with these small SUVs sprouting like weeds in late spring, GMC is likely ready to pull the production trigger.

Now, don’t look for the suicide doors, the futuristic cabin, and all the gadgetry. Instead, look for a clean, compact people hauler with more traditional looks than its main competitors and slightly more off-road capabilities.

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