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These 10 Fast ‘Fuel-Powered' Pickup Trucks Shouldn't Be Forgotten When Electric Trucks Take Over

These 10 Fast ‘Fuel-Powered’ Pickup Trucks Shouldn’t Be Forgotten When Electric Trucks Take Over

Here are 10 fast non-electric pickup trucks that we’ve seen over the years

We talk about how the upcoming electric pickup trucks are fast and heavy on performance. Trucks like the Tesla Cybertruck, the Rivian R1T, the GMC Hummer EV, etc. are all quicker than some of the famous supercars of this era. Although internal combustion-engined trucks aren’t known to be ‘fast’, there are a handful of them that could are quite agile. Doug DeMuro decided to list 10 such cool fast trucks, and we agree with every entry on this list.

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GM Engineer Training Program Includes Working on a Race Team

GM Engineer Training Program Includes Working on a Race Team

Almost everyone has worked for a faceless corporation before. Part of working for a faceless corporation typically includes going through a ridiculous training program in your first week, or so, that really has very little to actually do with the job you will be doing. The majority of these training programs get slept through or totally skimmed over just to get through it.

Well, GM is taking a new approach to training its engineers and it is one where they will actually learn something that will benefit them in their jobs. GM is placing newly hired engineers on various racing teams that the company sponsors in hopes of these youngsters learning the ins and outs of a racecar.

In the automotive repair world, you learn that former racecar mechanics typically make the best repair technicians, so we would figure that the same would ring true for engineers. Working on a racecar is like seeing a car go from 0 miles to 250,000 miles in a single race, thanks to the amount of stress these things endure. Learning how to maximize the lives and quality of these racecars, while keeping costs minimal and working on a tight deadline, is something that these engineers can transfer directly into the Impalas, Malibus, and Lacrosses we all drive.

Fortunately for the incoming engineers, there are plenty of race teams available to choose from, as GM has stake in eight major racing circuits, including: NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, NASCAR Nationwide Series, NASCAR Truck Series, Grand-Am Road Racing, NHRA, SCCA Pro Racing World Challenge, American Le Mans Series and Indycar.

Unfortunately, GM can’t take all of the credit for this innovative idea, as Honda’s been doing it for many years now. Regardless of who got there first, we have to give GM a lot of credit for taking their quality so seriously.

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