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    by Serafim, on February 29, 2012, 13:07
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Gordon Murray T27 reviews

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Gordon Murray T27

Gordon Murray T27

Gordon Murray is an important name in the automotive world, as it designed the first world’s fastest production car, namely the McLaren F1. Its latest creation however is at the opposite side of the spectrum, as it’s the world’s most efficient car.The new T27 is an electric version of the T25 model and it’s basically a three seater city car designed and built at Gordon Murray Design studio-workshop near Guildford.Built with maximum efficiency in mind, the new T27 is greener than its sibling, as it’s fitted with an innovative electric drivetrain produced in collaboration with Zytek.Like the T25, the T27 is aimed at the urban city environment and the company says that it sets new standards in weight, dynamics, safety, packaging and efficiency. The green footprint of the vehicle is assured by a 25 kW electric motor powered by a pack of Li-ion batteries which offer a 100 mile range.

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