German tuning company Hamann have developed a product range based around the F430 Spider, and developed their first stunning show car as an example of what they can do.

  • 2006 Hamann Ferrari F430 Spider
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  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
    4.3L V8
  • Transmission:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
  • Displacement:
    4308 L
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The Hamann engineers have designed a comprehensive aerodynamics package for the Ferrari F430 Spider to optimize weight and performance. The Hamann front spoiler gives the F430 Spider a striking and unique character as well as reducing lift on the front axle.

This is what Ferrari convertible drivers have been waiting for! The engineers at sports car specialist HAMANN have designed an extensive aerodynamics package for the Ferrari F430 Spider, which takes elements from motor racing while at the same time expressing sheer understatement. In the development phase, this aspect was equally as important as optimizing the weight and performance. At the front end, the innovatively designed front spoiler lends the HAMANN F430 Spider a striking, individual look and minimizes the lift on the front axle. The broad side wings lend this Italian stallion a broader and chunkier look. In particular, they underscore the dynamic lines of the basic model. At the read end, the newly designed rear diffuser catches the eye and the rear wing spoiler generates greater downforce on the rear axle. HAMANN air dams for the downforce generating Venturi tunnel boost the effect. HAMANN aerodynamic components are available in fiberglass or (and with this HAMANN demonstrates its close affiliation with motor racing) in light-weight Carbon-Kevlar.

Performance plays an important role in motor racing. This also goes for the HAMANN Ferrari F430 Spider. In an initial stage, HAMANN boosts the power of the 4.3 liter V8 by reprogramming the series Motronic by 21 kW/29 bhp, which increases the torque by 25 Nm. The top speed goes up to 322 km/h. Alternatively, the HAMANN engineers have developed a complete high-performance exhaust system, which includes a sports high-performance header and steel sports catalysts. The result of this extravagant modification is a power increase of 35 kW/48 bhp, which has a correspondingly positive effect on the vehicle’s performance. An absolutely full and sonorous sound reminiscent of a racing circuit emerges from HAMANN’s own 4-pipe sports rear mufflers. The specialists also offer an alternative tailpipe variant featuring two tailpipes per side including flap control. Especially when driving with the top down, the unique sound will give you goosebumps time and time again.

At the rear a newly designed rear diffuser ensures a higher down force at the rear axle.

All these add-on parts, including broader side sills, are available in carbon-Kevlar or fiberglass.

Performance plays an important role for the Hamann F430 Spider. Engineers have developed a complete high-performance sports exhaust system including a high-performance collector and sports catalysts.

The result of this modification is a performance increase of 48 bhp (36 kw). The four-branch sports rear mufflers, specially designed by Hamann, release an absolutely powerful and sonorous sound. More exact driving characteristics can be expected of Hamann F430 Spider thanks to the specially designed suspension.

This suspension can be adjusted in height as well as in rebound and compression. Thus, the F430 Spider reacts more agile and more precisely to steering changes. The multi-piece PG3 in classic five-spoke rims give a powerful impression and provide a good view of the Hamann sports brake system.

For F430 drivers who do not opt for the optional carbon-ceramic braking system from Ferrari, HAMANN supplies a sports braking system (adapted to performance) on the front axle with large 355x34 mm brake discs, red four pot brake calipers (also available in other colors), special brake pads and steel flex brake pipes. This guarantees a deceleration rate similar to that of a racing car and constant control over this bella macchina.

HAMANN continues the motor racing theme for the Ferrari F430 Spider with its wheel rims. The composite PG3 in a classic five-spoke design looks incredibly powerful and permits a good view of the braking system. It is available in 9x19 inch with size 255/30ZR19 tires at the front and 11.5x19 inch with size 295/30ZR19 tires or 13x19 inch with size 355/25ZR19 tires at the rear. Alternatively, drivers can choose the composite forged ANNIVERSARY II rims. Their delicate spokes accentuate the sporty appearance of the tuned up F430 and permit a good view of the braking system.

The ANNIVERSARY II rim is available for the HAMANN Ferrari F430 Spider in a 9x19 inch version with size 255/30ZR19 tires at the front and as a 12.5x19 inch version with size 355/25ZR19 tires at the rear in addition to a 8.5x20 inch version with size 235/30ZR20 tires for the front and 12.x20 inch with size 325/25 ZR 20 tires for the rear. A new addition to the Ferrari F430 Spider tuning suite is the three-piece forged HAMANN alloy rim EDITION RACE in a 20 inch version. It is available for the front in 8.5 x 20 and for the rear in 12.75 x 20. In the largest dimension of 12.75J x 20, one of these ultra-lightweight rims weighs just 13.9 kg!

The interior of the HAMANN Ferrari F430 Spider is adorned with a successful blend of luxury and sporty elements. Exclusive full leather upholsteries available in all colors plus a high-quality set of floor mats create a sense of elegance. Matching racing seats and sill trims help to create that motor racing feeling.

The PG3 is available in 9x19 at the front and 11.5x19 in the rear. The interior of the Hamann Ferrari F430 Spider is a successful mixture of luxurious and sporty features. An exclusive full leather interior in all colors as well as a high-quality set of mats give an elegant impression.

The HAMANN Ferrari F430 Spider is without a doubt one of the most beautiful means of going "topless" - and one that is sure to get heads turning - giving the driver optimum enjoyment and individuality.

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