Ferrari California by Hamann

Ferrari California by Hamann
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For most a car like the Ferrari California is nothing more than a dream, let alone a tuned version of Maranello’s latest hard roof drop top sports car. The aftermarket manufacturer Hamann has just unveiled their latest creation at the Frankfurt Motor Show, a customization package for the Italian sports car that improves both its appearance and performance with a host of carbon fiber aerodynamic pieces as well as a 20% bump in power.

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Press release

Refining super sports cars is more than just business for the company HAMANN Motorsport. Their passion for detail, for something special and unique is the main incentive for extraordinary modifications. The latest stroke of genius once again confirms this. The HAMANN interpretation of the Ferrari California with its exclusive and extensive refining programme does not only make the hearts of real Ferrari fans beat faster.

Ferrari California by Hamann
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Most of all, the car body kit proves that HAMANN does not only focus on changing the visual appearance. Apart from design elements such as a bonnet made of carbon fibre, specific modifications at the front, sides and back boost the aerodynamics. Thereby, the front spoiler reduces the lifting forces of the California which significantly improves the handling and agility. Moreover, the unobtrusive side skirt set calms the airflow between both axles. And moreover, a back spoiler increases the contact pressure. Here, the HAMANN engineers agreed on a small wing profile which considerably enhances the car body design. As the combination with the perfectly integrated and three-part rear diffuser renders enough grip for the road. Mainly on country roads with many curves, the HAMANN aerodynamics kit unravels its power and generates pure driving pleasure.

Ferrari California by Hamann
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The extra agility and handling gives room for more performance. Also here, HAMANN-Motorsport contributes its know-how. An adjustment for the motor management is in preparation and a sport exhaust system will also be especially engineered for this sports car. This combination will advance the performance of the serial 4.3 litre V8 engine with 460 hp by up 20 percent.

Another technical highlight in the offered tuning programme is the multi-part HAMANN aluminium wheel called EDITION RACE. The black varnished rim star and the titanium bolting of the high-gloss polished rim flange emphasise the racing character. As the wheel is produced in forged technology, it is extremely light. This reduces the unsprung masses which noticeably improves both the acceleration and the braking response. The recommended wheel-tyre combination measures 9.0Jx21 inches with 245/30ZR21 tyres for the front and 12.5Jx21 rims with wheels measuring 345/25ZR21 are fitted at the back. The wheel-tyre combination is perfectly enhanced by the suspension which is used in order to lower the sports car.

Ferrari California by Hamann
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Also in the interior, HAMANN has a lot to offer to its customers. In addition to the serially offered interior, HAMANN Motorsport offers an extensive programme, ranging from personalised floor mats to a perfectly finished complete leather interior.

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  (458) posted on 10.10.2011

Ferrari has made this car very impressive and elegant. This car concept particularly in the extra features that makes it very especial and and capable for more powerful set up.

  (780) posted on 04.29.2010

The color is not right for the car, it should be black + yellow Caliper brakes + chrome wheels

Naterade22  (238) posted on 09.15.2009

HAMANN went crazy with the California. Features look amazing to add to a new and exciting dream.

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