The most impressive model in Hennessey’s line-up at this point is without a doubt the Venom GT, but with Hennessey, the best always seems to get one-upped by their next project. The vehicle ready to take on the challenge is the new HPE800 Concept based on the new McLaren MP4-12C. As its name suggests, the HPE800 will get a power upgrade to the tune of 800 HP - up from the current 592 HP. Next to this, the tuner will also be offering a more aggressive aero package, new wheels, and interior changes.

Hennessey was able to massage more power out of the McLaren’s 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 by adding an upgraded intercooler system, air intake system, and ball-bearing turbochargers, as well as ECU updates and, of course, a new Hennessey titanium exhaust system. These updates will allow the MP4-12C to push out the aforementioned 800 HP.

With a power update like the one provided by Hennessey, the super car also had to get a mini makeover for both the exterior and interior to balance itself out. For this, the tuner installed a new, center-positioned frontal air inlet with hood extractor that will allow room for larger heat exchangers for improved engine intercooling as well as transmission cooling. The new set of wheels are wrapped in Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires, while the interior combines carbon fiber, Alcantara, and leather for a luxuriously supple feel.

  • 2012 McLaren MP4-12C HPE800 by Hennessey
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  (333) posted on 02.17.2012

Wow! I love the proportionate design of this concept. The exterior detailing is very well-designed, and I’m sure this has a god production.

  (463) posted on 02.16.2012

Wow! The concept is very proportionate on looks. This has a nice door design that is very creative to look at.

  (683) posted on 02.9.2012

This model will be proposed successfully. I rate this concept as 100%. The door is very well-designed and more stylish to look at. This is one of my dream car and I want to see this personally.

  (570) posted on 02.8.2012

The creation of this car is truly amazing. This is one of the dream car everyone want to have. Much better if this kind of super car would posses a high quality speed performance.

  (580) posted on 02.3.2012

if they would push this concept, there will have another major break. The concept of having a supercar was already projected. What was the only thing needed here is that the implementation of the proposed plan.

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