No, it’s not related to performance, but it costs more than a new Dacia Duster

It’s been a while since McLaren lifted the veils off its GT and we are not going to lie, we’ve been wondering when the carmaker would see fit to introduce some sort of accessories that would complement the car’s luxurious ethos. Honestly, we were hoping for a GT-inspired watch that McLaren would come up with as a nice way of saying here, thank you for buying our cars, we’re giving you this matching, unique-to-you timepiece to go with it. That’s not off the table yet but, for now, McLaren is settling for a new bespoke luggage collection developed by its MSO arm to go with the new GT.

They’re not just some bags, are they?

Here's What the McLaren GT Was Missing In the First Place
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Well, they are. At the same time, however, these pieces weren’t meant to be stowed in a train’s dirty luggage area or in an airplane’s belly. So, in a way, they’re blue-blooded travel bags, if you please.

They come as a four-piece set concocted by McLaren Special Operations, the same division that would bake a dragon decal into the side doors of your 720S, should you ask nicely and back up that request with enough Benjamins.

That aside, MSO’s luggage seat was created to bring out the best out of the McLaren GT’s available cargo space.

Which, despite the GT name, exceeds that of some sedans. In fact, the McLaren GT bests the Kia Forte when it comes to trunk space by offering 14.8 cubic feet as compared to the Korean’s 13.8 cubic feet and sits on the same level with the Nissan Versa, which also offers 14.8 cubic feet of space in the boot.

Vector in the Macca GT’s frunk capacity (that’s a shy 5.3 cubic feet but still better than nothing) and you’re looking at an overall cargo capacity, front plus rear, of 20.1 cubic feet. That’s 3.6 cubic feet more than the Dodge Charger offers, 1.9 cubic feet over the BMW 7 Series, and 1.4 cubic feet more than the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Needless to say, that’s all sorts of impressive for a mid-engined grand tourer.

The McLaren GT MSO luggage set - piece by piece

Here's What the McLaren GT Was Missing In the First Place
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Coming back to the topic at hand, the four pieces are a garment case, a weekend bag, a cabin bag, and a full-size golf bag. Because we all know how The One Percent loves to iron out business details over a game of golf.

The garment case (£1,700, roughly $2,080) measures 23 x 22.2 x 4.7 inches and offers a volume of 1.4 cubic feet. McLaren says that this one goes on top of the other luggage in the rear compartment, specifically highlighting that it does not “restrict the view from the rear of the car.” The case is made of semi-aniline leather and sports two external pockets and aluminum zips plus a metal clothes hanger.

Here's What the McLaren GT Was Missing In the First Place
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The weekend bag (£1,850, roughly $2,264) measures 20.2 x 8.2 x 11.4 inches and its volume stands at 1.1 cubic feet. It’s also fitted with a folded leather handle and carry strap, two outside pockets, and aluminum zips. This too goes into the McLaren GT’s rear storage compartment next to the cabin bag, but it will also fit in the GT’s frunk.

As for the cabin bag (£2,800, roughly $3,426), McLaren designed it in such a way to offer a volume of 1.4 cubic feet. Carrying it around is done via the three-piece telescopic handle or by grabbing the two top and side folded leather straps. Moreover, it also offers one internal pocket as well as a document pocket. McLaren says that for optimum space management, the cabin bag should go in the rear luggage space of the GT.

Last but not least, the full-size golf bag (£5,000, roughly $6,119) offers a volume between 2.3 cubic feet and 3.2 cubic feet and can hold, says McLaren, a complete set of golf clubs thanks to its front-facing pockets and four central dividers. Handling it around is done via a handle which works best on short distances. You’ll also be able to take small items with you (like phones or whatnot) thanks to the bag’s four outer pockets. The golf bag measures 9.4 x 47.2 x 9-12.6 inches.

Here's What the McLaren GT Was Missing In the First Place
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It is also worth mentioning that each piece can be had in one of the three colors MSO has been kind enough to offer.

Those are Pioneer Black, Luxe Black (good luck with spotting the differences), and Luxe Porcelain.

As you’ve probably figured out, their details and stitches were designed to match the McLaren GT’s two trims, Pioneer and Luxe, as well as the GT’s suite of color available at launch - Namaka Blue, Burnished Copper, and Veridian Green.

Simple math tells us the whole set will cost McLaren GT owners a hefty £11,350 ($13,891, more or less), which is less than 10 percent of the GT’s starting sticker of £163,000 (around $199,560). Come to think of it, that’s hefty for us, not for them. Oh, and by the way, with that sort of money, you could get a squeaky new Volkswagen up!. Or even better, a Dacia Duster Access TCe 4x2. And you’d even walk out of the showroom with some money left in your pocket.

McLaren Luggage Set by MSO quick view

Here's What the McLaren GT Was Missing In the First Place
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Piece Size Volume Price
Garment case 58.5 x 56.5 x 12cm 39.6L £1,700
Weekend bag 51.5 x 21 x 29cm 31.3L £1,850
Cabin bag 36 x 55 x 20cm, including wheels 39.6L £2,800
Golf bag 24 x 120 x 23-32cm 66.2-92.1L £5,000

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