Last year, talking about RWD models, Lutz said: "We’ve pushed the pause button. It’s no longer full speed ahead." This year, at the Detroit Auto Show he confirmed that GM’s Zeta platform is dead and that Pontiac G8 and Chevrolet Camaro are the last models built on this platform to be sold in USA.

With the new fuel-economy target legislation and the severe economic crisis large RWD cars make no sense. This means GM will focus on Sigma RWD and all-wheel-drive architecture used for models like CTS, STS and SRX.

"The strategy we had a few years ago of basically deriving a whole sweeping global portfolio off the Australian Zeta architecture ... frankly, we have had to abandon that dream. This is because, whether you are in the United States or in China, fuel economy mandates are getting more and more severe, and we just could not base our strategy on doing relatively large and relatively heavy rear-wheel-drive cars. And I suspect the same thing is going to start to bite the traditional rear-wheel drive producers," said Bob Lutz.


Source: Go Auto

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