The 270kW, 6.0 litre, V8-powered cars are the first brand new SS model VE Commodores to appear in police livery and form part of the new unit which was established in December as a dedicated resource for traffic enforcement in the Territory.

In addition to the SS models, a fleet of new VE Commodores is being delivered to Northern Territory Police, with SV6 and Omega variants among the models appearing on the fleet in coming months.

Holden VE Commodore Police Car
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Featuring the latest in police technology, the new Commodores have been adapted to include secure digital radios, mobile radar equipment, lights and sirens. Advanced multidirectional radar equipment on board the cars enables police officers to identify speeding drivers approaching from both the front and rear of the vehicle.

On launching the Darwin traffic unit, NT Police Commissioner White said. “NT Police are serious about improving the safety of our roads, through a combination of education and enforcement. These traffic units will have a major role to play in our major centres and on the highway leading to them.”

Graeme Beere, National Fleet Service Manager at GM Holden says that the new SS police cars are highly visible on the roads and are playing their part in the Territory’s road safety program.

“ Northern Territory Police have taken a fantastic proactive approach to road safety this year and we’re thrilled they have chosen the new Commodore to support their activities.”

Holden VE Commodore Police Car
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The Holden Commodore has been Australia’s best selling large car since 1996 and serves on police fleets across the country. GM Holden works in partnership with police fleet buyers across the country to deliver cars which meet the specific needs of the police.

“Flashing front and rear lights, an additional battery to power the extra equipment, and uprated brakes are just some of the items which need to be included in a modern police vehicle,” said Mr Beere.

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