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2012 Honda BRIO City Car

2012 Honda BRIO City Car High Resolution Exterior
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In it’s attempt to introduce new models to both the Indian and Thai market, Honda has gone ahead and introduced its new city car prototype at the Thailand International Motor Show. The car, which is being tagged as the Brio, is scheduled to hit the two aforementioned markets beginning in 2011.

With the Asian market becoming a hot spot for fuel-efficient city cars, Honda is looking to get a piece of the pie with the Brio. Reports on the Brio’s performance numbers indicate that it will come with a very frugal 1.2-liter four-cylinder engine.

The Brio will also come in two variants for both the Indian and Thai market, with the latter being given a more performance-oriented variant whereas the latter will be a little more on the fuel-efficient side. Despite the increasing demand for small city cars, the Brio won’t be lacking competitors from a number of brands and their models, including the Hyundai i10, the Toyota iQ, and the Suzuki Swift

Pricing for the Brio is slated at 400,000 baht in Thailand, which is about $13,200 based on current exchange rates.

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2012 Honda BRIO City Car

2012 Honda BRIO City Car