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Honda P-NUT

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2010 Honda P-NUT

2010 Honda P-NUT

Honda’s latest concept car offering made its cracking debut at the 2009 LA Auto Show and from the looks of things; it’s everything we thought it would be, for better or for worse. Called the Honda Personal-Neo Urban Transport – P-NUT for short – the new concept is Honda’s entry to the micro coupe market. Although concept cars generally are a hit-or-miss upon first glance, the P-NUT’s aesthetic appearance falls on the latter. We’re quite not sure how to explain it, except that it looks like some sort of gigantic flat iron, which, if you’re keeping track, isn’t a good thing.

We’ve seen some pretty crazy concept vehicles over the years and the P-NUT surely ranks among one of the weirdest we’ve seen in a while. For starters, the car has no side mirrors, which isn’t all too surprising given that this is a concept. In place of the missing mirrors – at least we think so – is a back-up camera. We’re also still waiting for an explanation as to where the headlights are – of course, it’s in the front but we find it hard to believe that those two slits are the actual headlights.

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