Honda is focused on the development of a new model to succeed the NSX.
Planned for 2008, Honda NSX should benefit from its experiment in F1 by proposing a V10 engine for the new car.

This addresses the single largest complaint about the original NSX, which has always been its lack of power.
 Just like the old one, will be a technological window for Honda "This new sports car will be the first of a new generation" concluded the director of Honda, Takeo Fukui.
 With the V10 the new NSX will be the most powerful honda ever made.The carmaker is aiming for the top in producing engines.
 The new Honda/Acura NSX will move upmarket, and will target Aston Martin.
 2008 NSX II will offer a 4.5 Liter V10 and a 3.6 V6 , all wheel drive with prices around $100,000.

2008 Acura/Honda NSX
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 The mid-engine Honda HSC concept from the 2003 Tokyo show the way toward the next NSX.
 The use of Honda’s "Super Handling AWD" system is also a possibility.
 SH-AWD is capable applying a greater percentage of overall torque to the rear wheels in aggressive driving situations.
 The SH-AWD technology is fantastic for high performance vehicles. The technology was first used on Acura’s RL model. It worked so well, that they have decided to apply the technology to some of their more high-performance vehicles.
 Honda plans to raise its global sales by nearly 25 percent over the next three years to four million vehicles a year.Its strategy is based around offering clean, economical models, more hybrids and alternative-fuel vehicles.

 The old one
 Honda ended production of the NSX in 2005, 15 years after the first NSX was built. The last cars were built in September for the European market and December for North America. For most of its life, it was the most expensive Japanese car in many markets.

2008 Acura/Honda NSX
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  (1) posted on 09.9.2008

I think Honda with their environmental slogans should come up with a more environmental engine that uses around 10L per 100km.

  (6020) posted on 03.25.2008


  (6020) posted on 03.10.2008 what most people do now a days...just remove the guys are basically suit up the car more anyways....and about the skylines vs nsx i don’t really care becaues both of them are sweet rides no one really drives these type of high performance car in the states... unless you’ve got the money

  (6020) posted on 12.2.2006

Go to metacafe and watch honda nsx fares with ferrari 360, n guess who wins? The nsx..

  (6020) posted on 11.29.2006

Hey that is a nice car no doubt but i don’t know about it competing with ferrari or lamborghini for that matter!!

  (6020) posted on 11.29.2006

that thing is bad

  (6020) posted on 11.28.2006

love it,i cant wait to buy one.i hope it rips the skyline(stupid name) a new one

  (6020) posted on 11.24.2006

It’s a damn honda! Stop with the acura and honda thing. It is still a Honda non the less.

And I can’t wait till we have performance specs.. Not just images of nothing.

  (6020) posted on 11.24.2006

think ya all sad for arguing over A or H!!!! lol

It looks hot whcih ever badge it wears

  (6020) posted on 11.24.2006

its Honda NSX in the UK but we know who Acura is and have some beauties on our roads smiley the new NSX looks great!

  (6020) posted on 11.23.2006

Acura is just a brand owned and created by Honda.

  (6020) posted on 11.22.2006

Depends on what market you are in


In North america Acura = Honda base plus luxury

  (6020) posted on 11.21.2006

If this car sounds anything like Honda’s F1 car, a $100,000.00 is a small price tag to pay for such a thing of beauty.

  (6020) posted on 11.20.2006

Its an Acura NSX in North America and a Honda NSX everywhere else in the world.

  (6020) posted on 11.20.2006

is it a honda or a acura?????????

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