The Honda CR-Z hybrid has been one of the most often-tuned Honda vehicles in recent time. The latest to take a crack at the hybrid is AMS and they’ve even named their worked-up CR-Z the Terra.

Featuring a new front bumper, widened side sills, and new front and rear fenders, AMS really took the time to dress up the CR-Z to make it more unique than any CR-Z-tuned vehicles we’ve seen.

AMS also added a roof lip, a rear hatch spoiler, and a funky new rear diffuser with twin center exhaust outlets. But the best additions, at least as far as we’re concerned, are those spanking awesome piano black and pearl white 19-inch RAYS Versus Torismo Rechente rims that add to the overall aesthetic appeal this tuned-up CR-Z provides.

Not that we haven’t seen anything like it, but we have to say, this AMS-tuned CR-Z is one of the cleanest modded CR-Zs we’ve seen in a while. In the event you’re interested in having your little sporty hybrid given the whole AMS treatment, it’s going to cost you somewhere around $5,000, which isn’t all that expensive if your car ends up looking like this.


Source: AMS

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