2010 Honda HSV-010 GT

When the Japanese automaker Toyota wanted to show the world what their latest super car, the LF-A could do, they entered a pair of preproduction Supra successors into a number of exhibition style endurance races at the world famous Nurburgring. Following a similar path, Honda’s domestic racing program has just announced that they will be returning to the island nation’s top tier of motor sport when they debut their next generation super car, the HSV-10 GT on March 20 at the beginning of the 2010 Super GT season. It is only fitting that the NSX’s successor, the Honda Sports Velocity turns its first wheel in competition at the at the Suzuka Circuit, being that it is the automaker’s own test track, making it an even more important initial run for the HSV because you know that all of the people that are going to decide the new sports vehicle’s fate will be in attendance.

Despite the exotic V10 powered future NSX rumors, the new HSV-10 GT is powered by a low displacement 3.4 Liter V8 with a maximum output of over 500 HP. The high output engine is mated to a Ricardo sequential manual gearbox, the same unit used by Nissan and Toyota in their Super GT machines, ensuring that their drivers will be hard pressed to miss a shift. With a body that is somewhere between 21st century NSX and an ASL Garaiya from the Japanese Autobacs tuning shop, the future HSV-10 GT is guaranteed to carve out a place for itself in Japanese automotive culture.

Updated 01/18/10: Official specifications released; new image gallery added.

Updated 01/22/10: Check the Honda HSV in action at the Suzuka race track where the car is preparing for the Japanese 2010 Super GT Series. More video after the jump.

Press release after the jump.

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Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announced today that it will compete in the GT500 class of the 2010 Super GT Series (managed and run by GTA Co., Ltd.) with its HSV-010 GT. The HSV-010 GT was developed exclusively for racing with the hope of offering thrills and dreams to fans through an unremitting focus on speed-the starting point of all motorsports.

2010 Honda HSV-010 GT Exterior
- image 342846

The model conforms to the 2010 GT500 Regulations, (including a 3.4-liter V8 engine and an FR layout) issued by the Japan Automobile Federation (JAF), having earned JAF-GT500 basic vehicle registration. The HSV-010 GT is slated to debut at the Super GT season opener at the Suzuka Circuit, held on March 20–21 (Sat.–Sun.), 2010. *

The letters "HSV" stand for Honda Sports Velocity. Since joining the All Japan Grand Touring Car Championship (JGTC) in 1997 with its NSX-GT, Honda has competed in a total of 106 races during 13 years through the end of the 2009 season. During this time, Honda has taken the pole position 50 times and won 37 races.

2010 Honda HSV-010 GT Exterior
- image 342852



  • Length × Width × Height (m) 4.675 × 2.000 × (not disclosed)
  • Wheelbase (m) 2.700
  • Vehicle weight (kg) 1,100 or more


  • Engine name HR10EG
  • Configuration Liquid-cooled, naturally aspirated, longitudinal V8
  • V angle (°) 90
  • Valve train Gear-driven DOHC: 2 intake and 2 exhaust valves per cylinder
  • Displacement (cm3) 3,397
  • Bore × stroke (mm) 93.0 × 62.5
  • Compression ratio (Not disclosed)
  • Maximum output (kW[PS]) 370 (500) or more
  • Maximum torque(N·m[kg·m]) 392 (40.0) or more
  • Throttle control system Mechanical
  • Fuel supply system Programmed fuel injection system (Honda PGM-FI)
  • Fuel Lead-free premium gasoline
  • Lubrication Dry sump
2010 Honda HSV-010 GT Exterior
- image 342854

Powertrain, running system 

  • Transmission mechanism Constant mesh
  • Transmission shifting method Steering paddle shifter
  • Steering system mechanism Rack and pinion system with electric power steering (EPS)
  • Tires(Front·Rear) 330/40R18 ·330/45R17
  • Brake type and mechanism Hydraulic ventilated disc system
  • Suspension system Double wishbone
  • Stabilizer Torsion bar


2010 Honda HSV-010 GT Exterior
- image 342850
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  (1) posted on 01.9.2011

I cant be the only one who thinks this looks like a japanese ferarri. like a 599 gtb is you ask me. beautiful honda, way better then the nsx, especially in its racing suit.

  (666) posted on 04.15.2010

One of the best model ever built by Honda. Definitely this model will be a big hit in the market.

  (460) posted on 03.29.2010

I completely reconsidered the awesome factor of the car and I agree that driving is the way to go testing its capabilities.

  (460) posted on 03.29.2010

I had a chuckle at this too because in a sense I see the spirit and effort they put in this machine.

  (939) posted on 03.22.2010

Way better than the old model of HSV. I really want to watch ths GT come face to face with nissan GT-R on track.

  (765) posted on 03.10.2010

is this inspired by lotus?

  (708) posted on 01.26.2010

well honda motors are taking up this GT into perfection, they really don’t want to settle it for less.

  (808) posted on 01.25.2010

This Honda Racing car looks great outside, and I think it will rock not only on the road but also in the streets.

  (518) posted on 01.21.2010

I think the engineer was inspired by Pagani zonda.

  (555) posted on 01.19.2010

Here we go again. I’ve seen this many times but still, I want to look at this over and over. This Honda HSV-010 GT is so admirable just by the photos, and what about meeting it personally. I think I’d die for this.

  (708) posted on 01.18.2010

well rielle i think we don’t know that yet, i really love to see the GT-R and the HS010 head to head on the race track. IMO honda is more aerodynamic but GT-R wont hold back for sure.

  (858) posted on 01.11.2010

Well, it will surely beat GTR `s Nürburgring lap time if it will go series production just as Lexus LFA did by 4 seconds smiley Looks definitely cooler than GT-R.

  (612) posted on 01.7.2010

We can’t underestimate Honda on building great cars and as of now, the test run records of this HSV-10 GT was quite good. Although Toyota have release a lot of their supercars that includes the Supra and the LF-A, I will not be that confident to upset Honda.

  (868) posted on 12.25.2009

750 bhp is too much for a Supra unless it’s just a drag car. That much power is too much for it to handle, and its cornering capability is lessened and the track times rarely differ from stock on such a twisty track as the Nurburgring. The stock Supra did 7:49 as well, and the TRD Supra in 7:39, compared to the others I listed and the R34 SpecV’s 7:41.

  (238) posted on 12.24.2009

TJKEON, you forgot no one in the world can ever compete with the all mighty toyota. lol HAHA. jk

TJKEON  (138) posted on 12.24.2009

Where are you getting those numbers from, I saw the Blitz Supra with 750 HP ran the ’ring in 7:49

TJKEON  (868) posted on 12.24.2009

Besides, if Toyota thought the LFA could be challenged by these cars, they wouldn’t be asking 400K for it.

TJKEON  (868) posted on 12.24.2009

If history teaches us anything, there’s not going to be a competition against the LFA. The R33 Skyline GT-R, NSX-R and RX-7 twin-turbo all tied around the Nurburgring at 7:56, while the Supra did it in 7:39. But it would be nice to see this new Honda go head to head with the R35 and hopefully an RX-7 successor.

TJKEON  (238) posted on 12.23.2009

Should be a huge step forward for Honda in its reemergence in the supercar game. Happy to see it is progressing and likewise hope it goes well forward to production.

TJKEON  (138) posted on 12.23.2009

We hope so, if things go the way of the LF-A program then for sure. It would just be nice to see a battle of Japanese super cars once again like the turbocharged imports of the 1990s.

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