Here’s another Honda CR-Z that made a SEMA comeback after its debut at the 2010 SEMA Auto Show.

Courtesy of Eibach Springs, this 2011 CR-Z was retooled and modified to become the kind of car everybody has always known the CR-Z could become. The look of the CR-Z hybrid suggests the extensive work Eibach Springs did to make it look the way it does. Among the added elements on the exterior are a C-West aero kit, a Mugen spoiler, an elaborate paint scheme and graphics, a new suspension program courtesy of Eibach, and a big brake kit from Stoptech. Inside, the standard features of the CR-Z were taken out in favor of a complete racing set-up that includes Sparco seats and a full roll bar.

But the most important order of business involving this project was taking out the original hybrid drivetrain of the CR-Z and replacing it with a 2.4-liter K24 four-cylinder engine from an Acura TSX. This new engine produces 280 horsepower and gets some extra help from K&N with a new intake system. Seeing as the CR-Z’s original IMA hybrid system is made up of a 1.5-liter engine combined with an electric motor that provides a total of 124 horsepower and 131 lb/ft of torque, we’re thinking that 280 ponies is a very significant upgrade. But there’s more.

According to some folks from Eibach Springs, this particular CR-Z will still receive a supercharger after SEMA, which means that when all is said and done, it’s going to pack way more than just 280 horsepower.

  • 2011 Honda CR-Z by Eibach Springs
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
    K24 four-cylinder engine
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
  • Displacement:
    2400 L
  • car segment:
  • car fuel:
  • body style:


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  (242) posted on 01.16.2012

What a car! I hated this for the design the have put on it. It is over, don’t you think? Anyway, 280HP is not good for it. I think they should boost it even more.

  (577) posted on 12.15.2011

280 horsepower? Well, that is definitely not good enough for this race car, and they should truly upgrade it more and I would really wait for that. Moreover, I love the promising exterior design of this.

  (530) posted on 11.22.2011

I can’t wait for more upgrades of its power output! smiley I hope that they will do that soon! Anyway, I’m already satisfied with its exterior detailing, and I must say that it really looks so cool with that.

  (434) posted on 11.17.2011

I love the safety features of this Honda CR-Z on its interior! Its seatbelt seems very enough to protect the driver and passenger of it. However, I don’t like the fact that it is an electric vehicle.

  (831) posted on 11.16.2011

The paint scheme and graphics of this Honda CR-Z is truly so attractive on this race car, and I’m also glad to see that they add a safety features on its interior, which is really necessary for this kind of car.

  (677) posted on 11.16.2011

280 horsepower? Would that be enough on this race car, so it could have a great speed performance? Anyway, I’m impressed on its exterior detailing, most especially on its graphic design.

  (474) posted on 11.14.2011

This Honda race car is absolutely very striking and looking so awesome on its graphic design and with its over-all detailing. However, I just don’t like the fact that it is in an electric motor.

  (428) posted on 11.9.2011

I think the 280 horsepower of this race car is not enough for it, to have a better performance, and it is really a disappointment on it. However, I can say that the graphic design on its exterior is truly looking great at it.

  (374) posted on 11.9.2011

I can say that it is one of their best race cars today! smiley I love the way how they modified this, and I noticed that the paint scheme on its exterior is so awesome on it!

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